Let’s make raw milk an election issue!!!

After yesterday's news conference: Talk with your friends. Tell your neighbours. Spread the word.

Voting day in Ontario is October 6. If you are a supporter of raw milk, please make sure your local candidates know your views. Here’s how:

• When the candidates come knocking at your door, tell them what you think

• During Q&A period at the candidates’ debates in your riding, ask a question about their position on raw milk

• Send a letter to the candidates at their riding headquarters

Some points you might want to raise:

• Louis Pasteur didn’t develop his heat‐treating process for food until 1862 and people drank raw milk for 10,000 years before that.

• Raw milk is sold legally in 26 states of the U.S. Another 4 states allow cowsharing or herd‐sharing. But there are no epidemics of illness from raw milk.

• Raw milk is sold legally in most countries of Europe, but there are no epidemics of illness caused by it. In France, Italy, Switzerland and Slovania, there are even vending machines that dispense raw milk.

• The Queen of England drinks raw milk from her own farm. When Prince William and Prince Harry were at school at Eton, she instructed her dairyman to bottle up some raw milk and deliver it to them at school daily.

• The most risky foods according to statistics published by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control are seafood, produce, poultry, beef and pork. Illness from milk is tiny in comparison. Here’s the link to the report:


• When milk from factory farms is pooled for pasteurization, huge epidemics of illness can arise from contamination. In one single incident in the U.S., as many as 160,000 people got salmonella poisoning from pasteurized milk.

• A recent survey of Ontario dairy farmers found that 88.7 percent said either they or their family members consumed raw milk from their own farms, even though they normally sent their milk to be pasteurized before sale to the public. There’s no epidemic of illness among Ontario dairy farmers.

• Two scientific papers published after Schmidt’s trial in 2009 showed that the shiga toxins produced by the bacterium e‐coli O157:H7 are not inactivated by pasteurization even though the bacteria themselves may be killed. The studies followed an incident in North Cumbria, England in which 114 people became ill and 28 required hospitalization after consuming pasteurized milk


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5 responses to “Let’s make raw milk an election issue!!!

  1. Baldy's wife

    Wow! talking about throwing a colleague under the Blue Bus. Does this mean that all the decisions of Paul Kowarsky can be appealed because he was not from this country? What a crock!!

  2. El

    I agree with Baldy’s wife. Tha is absurd.
    I came from another country as well, I am 60 years old and came here when 21. Me and my family back home always bought raw milk, but in those days, refrigeration was a luxury there and only few could afford. The milk was alwyas boiled, but sometime, we use to drink fresh after milking. No one ever got sick and everyone knew, you boil milk and store it so it does not go bad in one day.No regulation needed, just common sense on this matter is needed.

  3. Baldy's wife

    Election issue!!! They all spout the same thing, Conservative,Liberal & NDP. I listened to all of those running in Bruce,Grey and Wellington and they believe in the status quo.
    I would suggest you smoke your legal cigarettes, drink your legal alcohol and eat a big Mac and quit complaining!!!Tow the party line!

  4. Chloe

    It takes a unique individual to stand up and say the status quo is wrong. And I don’t see a single politician in Ottawa or on the provincial levels who has those qualitites. We are in an unfortunate mess right now.

    Raw milk is the ONLY food that is prohibited by law!! How does that make any sense at all!!! Especially in light of all the food borne outbreaks from ‘factory food’ such as Maple Leaf’s tainted meat, or the beef from Cargill, or the reese peanut butter cups, for crying out loud!! Or spinach, or raw chicken, or sprouts or pasteurized cheese products or, or, or……

    Why are none of these companies being sued, charged by the courts or put in jail? That is criminal. They are allowed to do whatever they want because they have the $$ to back it up – sick. You get a guy like Michael Schmidt who is attacked and put on trial because they know they can wait him out and drain his finances to the point where he can no longer fight – or at least that’s the hope. They would never go after him if he had a multi billion dollar cow share business – NEVER! They’d be trying to get into his pockets and get a bigger piece of his pie……….

    I am rather ashamed to be Canadian, much of the time. Land of the free??? Pffffft, since when?

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