Local newspaper reports that “Decision put off in Schmidt raw milk case”

From Don Crosby in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt talks to reporters at the blue bus Tuesday

“Schmidt said it’s a bit frustrating that the court has for a fourth time since July put off releasing the result of an appeal by the provincial attorney general and the Grey Bruce Health Unit on a ruling by Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky.

Kowarsky ruled in January that Schmidt’s cow share program for raw milk consumers did not violate provincial regulations meant to protect the public health. That decision was appealed to a judge in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Meanwhile Schmidt has been named in a contempt of court action in a British Columbia court for continuing to sell raw milk after being ordered to stop.

He said the $55,000 fine being sought by the B.C. Crown bears an uncanny resemblance to the amount levied against him by an Ontario court for a contempt of court conviction a couple of years ago. The Ontario fine was also $55,000.

B.C. authorities decided to take Schmidt to court on a charge of contempt of court shortly after he took over a cow share program in British Columbia on behalf of a raw milk producer.

“What a surprise, just like in the good old days in Ontario. I received hand delivered a package of court files with the application to the Supreme Court of B.C. to find me guilty of contempt by contravening an order not to produce milk for human consumption,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said he plans to fight efforts of the British Columbia public health officials to shut down raw milk operations in that province with the same vigour that he has used in Ontario.”

Read it all in the Owen Sound Sun Times.

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One response to “Local newspaper reports that “Decision put off in Schmidt raw milk case”

  1. At this point, all we have to say is this;

    Michael Schmidt and all who are by his side, have true grit. Someday, someone with large sums of money is going to back this man and his movement. When that happens the playing field will be leveled. In the meantime, the Ghandi way also works. either way, the bad guys are on their way out. History does repeat itself.

    Milkmen USA

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