Pat Winter is camped out at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice waiting for the Michael Schmidt raw milk verdict which was promised for “sometime tomorrow”

It was a dark and rainy morning at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket....

This post will consist of a series of text messages sent from Pat’s Blackberry, providing updates throughout the day. Check back often to follow the latest developments in the story. Messages will be posted here in reverse chronological order with most recent messages appearing at the top.

This is entirely Pat’s initiative. No one asked her to do it. It’s all about freedom and taking personal responsibility for things. In today’s world where would we be if people didn’t feel empowered to take action on things that matter to them? If there’s a deeper message here, it’s how passionately some people feel about this issue.

5:44 pm. To finish the story, we received a news release from Karen Selick time stamped 5:05 pm with news that Justice Tetley had found Michael Schmidt guilty on 13 of the 19 charges. See this post for full details.

2:57 p.m. Just got off the phone with Justice Tetley’s assistant. The ruling will be delivered before 5 pm.

From Facebook (circa 10:15 am): Assistant to Justce Tetley informed me that the decision will be made available this afternoon at the end of the day. Does this give them another opportunity to create a computer glitch? Its only gas and I leave the courts to visit a mooshiner. Surely there I will find raw integrity and truth. But I am coming back and will spend nights here if I must. Rock the milk can!!!

9:37 am: Proves to me that drugs are more available than real food. Going to make second attempt to find [Justice] Tetley’s assistant.

9:29 am: The sun is now shining!!!! The odour of marijuana is cloying. – ten steps aways someone is settling their nerves before a walk to the courthouse.

Breakfast of raw milk in the court parking lot. And this time the jar is more than half full.

From Facebook: Trial Coordinator has informed me that Justice Tetley is not in yet and the decision will likely not be revealed today. Gueess what? The Milk Wench ain”t going away!!!

8:50 am: Awaiting a meeting with trial coordinator, rude they was, thinks it will not be today and I aint moooovin.

8:34 am: Standing in line at the information reception office now.

From Facebook: Just about to enter the Newmarket Court House. I want Michael to have his decision and I am not leaving until he calls me and says he has the verdict. Care to join me in the parking lot? I think it is time for all of us to do something and this is my small way of doing just that.

8:17 am: Made it to now, raining and dreary, a few people have arrived who appear to be more than drones, a white caddy in “reserved” parking.

12:58 am: Arrived at the courthouse 12:58 am — pretty ghostly, can’t see the stars for the streetlights and it stinks like the city.

Pat Winter's Facebook profile picture

First, a post from Pat’s Facebook page, where she’s updating with news of her vigil: 

My friend, farmer and hero still has not received a verdict from the courts. Tonight I sleep at the Newmarket court-and there I will be until he receives his decision. Its the least I can do for Michael Schmidt. Care to join me?


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11 responses to “Pat Winter is camped out at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice waiting for the Michael Schmidt raw milk verdict which was promised for “sometime tomorrow”

  1. There is some activity going on in a court in MN today regarding a farmer who delivered raw milk. Let me know how to contact you if you need more information on the outcome.

  2. thebovine

    Kathryn, if you’re referring to The Bovine, you can write to us at: thebovine at gmx dot com

  3. dharok

    The judge is not trying to be a jerk, be manipulative, or anything of the like. Decisions like these take time. Just think about how many interests and arguments need to be considered, addressed, balanced, and treated fairly. Wait patiently: there is no conspiracy. Everyone will hear at the same time.

    • I like to add my humble opinion to the above comment.
      I do agree that too often we get sidetracked by conspiracy and assumptions. This is fueled by so called unexplainable occurrences.
      In our case I agree that this judge in particular is extremely busy.
      I also would have no issue with postponements of the ruling. I rather would have it postponed for another month or indefinitely instead of keep delaying it first by months than by weeks and now by days.
      If I would go to court and tell them “oh my computer is down I could not finish my documents” the courts would say too bad fo you.
      At the end it does not matter when the ruling is coming out but the court certainly helps to fuel the impression that something is fishy.
      May be they want to wait until the cows come home?????.!!!!!!!

  4. thebovine

    Pat seems to have left the building, presumably to return at the end of the day in hopes that the verdict will have been announced by then as promised by Justice Tetley’s assistant. Stay tuned.

  5. Douglas J. MacLean

    … maybe they’re worried the 4th Reich is about to get voted out.

  6. Baldy's wife

    dharok. I am confused by your statement since yesterday we were told there was a computer glitch so no verdict. They said nothing about not having a decision. As for waiting, is 17 years long enough for you???
    Pat if there is no decision by the end of the day, Baldy and I will come to keep you company!!!

  7. thebovine

    Less than an hour to go. It’s now 4:23 pm Toronto time.

  8. thebovine

    Now it’s 5:01 pm. Has the verdict been sent? Or are we looking at fifth postponement? No word yet from any of the parties who would have received the verdict and nothing from Pat since 2:57 pm today.

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