Vote in CBC raw milk legalization poll

From Community Team, at CBC

Where the poll stood at 3:23 pm Thursday

“Durham dairy farmer Michael Schmidt was found guilty of selling and distributing raw milk on Wednesday, a decision that overturned his 2010 acquittal.

While it is not against the law to drink unpasteurized milk in Canada, it is illegal to sell it despite the niche demand in Ontario and other provinces.

Health officials maintain that milk must be pasteurized before it is sold, as it can contain pathogens like salmonella, listeria and E. coli – all harmful or deadly if consumed….”

The same poll, but 10 hours later.

[The Bovine editor’s commentary: As you can see in the second image, the percentage of respondents who voted YES has increase from 80% to 90%. You don’t have to be a math whiz to know that this is an overwhelming message from the public to the effect that raw milk SHOULD be legalized and that we should stop persecuting and prosecuting farmers like Michael Schmidt who make great personal sacrifices to enable people to exercise what they see as their right to decide what they should eat and drink. You can’t get much more basic than that. The poll seems to be still running, so if you haven’t voted yet, click on the link below and vote now!]

Read the whole story and vote in the poll on


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6 responses to “Vote in CBC raw milk legalization poll

  1. alim:manji

    Anyone who thinks that the government has the right, via legislation/statutes or whatever other nonsense, to tell you what you can and can’t do, needs to learn a little more about who we the people are, who the “government” is, and the true nature of the relationship between those two parties. The court is operating under the assumption that we are all employees of the government (actually little more than a private corporation, incorporated under the CROWN corporation based out of the City of London – don’t get me started on that whole mess) and are thus subject to their corporate bylaws. As far as the law is concerned, you are perfectly within your rights to contract away any freedom you wish to, and when you don’t rebut the CROWN’s assumption that you are an employee, you agree (by acquiescence) to the terms of the contract. In Michael’s case, it’s a little different, the cow share needs to be set up as a private, non-statutory inter-vivos trust. The herd owners (grantors) entrust their herd to Michael (trustee) and he is bound by specific contractual terms that he has to follow. Since there is no harm being done, there is no unlawful activity taking place. The questions of whether or not it’s “legal” doesn’t even come into play, because it’s a private trust and that disgusting body of legislation is not invited into the trust agreement, it’s not a statutory trust. Now in court, what Michael needs to do is ask if the CROWN (or the Province of Ontario or whoever else is bringing these charges) would kindly present him with evidence that he agreed to whatever statute they claim he is violating. If he never agreed, there’s no contract, and if there’s no contract then go away and leave me alone please.

    For more info, start with Dean Clifford’s vid series on youtube:
    Part 1:
    Episode 1:
    Episode 2:
    Episode 3:
    Episode 4:
    Episode 5:
    Episode 6:

    Part 2, 3, 4, and 5, and 6, as well as several internet talk radio interviews with Angela Stark (My Private Audio), Ben Lowrey, and Max Igan, can all be found here:

    Anyone have any questions, post ’em here

  2. thebovine

    Now at 9:15 pm (Sept 29, 2011) the results are:

    89.82% Yes
    8.8% No

    625 total votes

    So the trend is for still more people to favour raw milk than favored it earlier in the day, more people as in a higher proportion of respondents.

  3. thebovine

    Now at 1:25 am Friday (Sept 30) the results are:

    90.25% yes
    8.56% no

    841 total votes

    The trend continues. It seems the larger the sample, the higher the proportion of voters who support legal access to raw milk. 90% is pretty much overwhelmingly a majority, I think you could say. I wonder how long CBC is going to keep this poll running.

  4. thebovine

    This morning the trend towards even more emphatic support for raw milk freedom continues. As of 8:56 am Toronto time the results are:

    90.77% yes
    8.06% no

    943 total votes

  5. thebovine

    Not surprisingly, the trend continues, with a still higher percentage in favour of legalizing raw milk. As of 12:15 pm we have:

    91.13% yes
    7.7% no

    1026 total votes

  6. alim:manji

    That’s nice. But last time I checked, neither the “government” nor the “courts” pay any attention to popular opinion when considering policies. They what makes the most money and/or furthers their own agenda.

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