More raw milk farmers and advocates join Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog;

Raw milk farmers Michael Schmidt, in happier times, at a news conference the day before the verdict was announced reversing his acquittal on 15 raw milk related charges from November 2006.

“…The worldwide protest movement has already arrived in the U.S., on Wall Street, where hundreds of people from around the country have gathered to protest the power of America’s banks in grabbing resources via bailouts and favorable treatment by the country’s all-powerful Federal Reserve Bank.

How does the Food Rights movement fit into all of this? It’s probably too early to say for sure how it fits in, or even whether it fits in at all.

I do know that more and more people who value nutrient-dense foods our regulators, legislators, and judges are trying to deny us are becoming increasingly upset and agitated. That’s what’s behind the dissension Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. has been trying to work with among herdshare operators in California, in his effort to try to negotiate with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Many farmers rightfully don’t trust the CDFA to negotiate anything meaningful.

It’s what is behind Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike, which he announced in the wake of an appeals court conviction for violating Canada’s dairy laws. It is what is behind Max Kane, a Wisconsin food rights activist, undertaking his own hunger strike in support of Schmidt. It is what was behind a group of farmers and raw milk drinkers crashing a City Council committee meeting in Portland, Maine, after the city arbitrarily banned raw milk sales from a farmers market; retail raw milk sales are legal in Maine. 

There will be protests next week in Los Angeles, in connection with a criminal court hearing scheduled for Thursday for “The Rawesome Three”–James Stewart, Victoria Bloch, and Sharon Palmer. There may be a protest at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning, along with a rally Wednesday evening, at which Mark McAfee and I will be among the speakers. Then, there will be a protest outside the courthouse in Los Angeles on Thursday morning.

More details to come on the Los Angeles activities. And there are certain to be more protests nationally. Legislators will only be convinced to act if they detect serious public support for change. And real in-the-streets protest seems to be the way to go, around the world.

Update on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 10:04PM by Registered CommenterThe Complete Patient

Wisconsin dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger says he is joining Michael Schmidt and Max Kane on a hunger strike. Both Kane and Hershberger have defied Wisconsin authorities’ efforts to clamp down on raw milk. Kane told me that he is doing a modified starvation diet, limiting himself every other day to a glass of raw milk and two raw eggs, in consideration of the fact he has Crohn’s disease, which he has said was brought under control partly by his raw milk consumption. Hershberger says he will be following the same regimen as Kane. Schmidt told me he’s heard from other supporters in Canada who are joining in his hunger strike as well….”

Read it all on the Complete Patient blog.

Police Arrest 700 in Wall Street Protest — the end of Freedom in America?

From Alexander Higgins and Alex Thomas, on The Intel Hub:

Police arrest Wall Street occupying protesters one by one after corralling them all on the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo By Twitter User jopauca, via The Intel Hub

“Note from The Intel Hubs Alex Thomas:

Over 700 peaceful protesters were arrested today in what could very well be the defining moment that is remembered as the end of freedom in America.

The corrupt NYPD has been repeatedly videotaped BEATING peaceful protests as New York’s billionaire mayor claims we need to support the banks.

These police are the foot soldiers of the banking elite and have shown they will do everything possible to protect their bankster masters.

As you can see, these cops are real tough guys arresting peaceful protesters including women and teenagers as young as 13.

After the NYPD diverted a massive crowd onto the Brooklyn Bridge mass arrests were initiated to secure a video of two white shirts who were videotaped beating a peaceful protester.

I previously broke the news of mass arrests and police brutality being launched against a mile long crowd of an estimated 6000 protestors at the Occupy Wall Street protest during my live blogging of the event.

The NYPD Are Now Assaulting and Mass Arresting  a Crowd Of 6000 #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Spanning Over 1 Mile From Liberty Square All The Way Across The Brooklyn Bridge

Watch Live – Occupy Wall Street Protests

Happening live as I write, NYPD police officers have launched a new round of mass arrests and brutal assault against Occupy Wall street protesters. I have watched over 20 people get arrested live so far.

Reports say up to 300 have been arrested after the police tricked protesters into splitting up and directed them in the direction of the Brooklyn Bridge as part of crowd dispersal techniques. Reports are that NY Times reporter Colin Moynihan has also been arrested.Correction: NY Times reporter Colin Moynihan reported his colleague, freelance reporter working for The Times, Natasha Lennard was arrested.

Both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge have been closed off as the line of protesters stretchs from end to end. From the west side of the Brooklyn Bridge the line is reported to stretch all the way back to liberty park.

There is also a second line stretching back toward city hall, were protesters originally gathered before until the gates were closed to prevent a shut down like the scene reminiscent of Egypt that occurred at NYPD headquarters yesterday.

Once diverted from city hall toward the Brooklyn Bridge, protestors had planned on regrouping at the bridge but after the bridge filled with protesters, police blocked off both sides. The police are now making their way across the bridge, arresting one person at a time to be hauled off in a patty wagon.

Read The Rest…

A New York Times journalist at the scene revealed to the NY Times that the crowd was directed onto the bridge by police. Soon after he reported that he was about to be arrested….”

Read it all on The Intel Hub.

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