Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt talks about why he’s going on a hunger strike

Michael Schmidt at last Tuesday's news conference.

Dear Friends, it has become clear that my decision to enter this hunger strike is creating controversy.

I want to make clear that this is a very personal decision I have been pondering for a long time.

In a way this can be viewed as an act of aggression in order to force people into action. No doubt this is a valid argument in the context of freedom and oppression.

There have been other times before when I was ready to make this decision but upon reflection with a good friend realized the timing was wrong.

People need time without pressure to learn to read the signs of our times and then come to their own conclusions what to do.

I myself have been studying the re-action instead of action of society and have come to the conclusion that personal decisions cannot depend only  on the question what others think is popular or appropriate.

It is a lonely road to be on and it is long road to travel.

If my step feels offensive I can understand.

Let me assure you, that I have begun this journey without the questions “what if, and how long”

I strongly feel the need to act and others may use this as a spark to wake up.

It is not the Government, it is not the Bureaucracy, it is only us who should be blamed for letting things evolve as they did.

This hunger strike is as much about unlabeled GMO food, forced vaccination, fluoridation and the loss of natural remedies as it is about raw milk. It is about our individual rights which we have allowed to be eroded and allowed to be taken away by power hungry entities.

This hunger strike is a very personal attempt to wake up sleeping souls in order to empower “all of us” to initiate change.

I am not alone anymore

There are already four other friends who have joined in the hunger strike and began sacrificing their own health and well being.

Let me thank you  all for your concerns they are valid and I am taking them serious.

The power of one is only strong when one does not depend on the power of others.

Warm regards



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7 responses to “Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt talks about why he’s going on a hunger strike

  1. Winifred

    We are a community. We are in community. We are not alone.

  2. Marietta Pellicano

    For those of us who cannot “en masse” join with Michael and the others doing the hunger strike, there is something we CAN do. Please consider the mantra (prayer) of Ho’oponopono: “I’m sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “I love you.” “Thank-You.” If you want an explanation just Google the name, Dr, Ihaleakala Hew Len & Ho’oponopono. There is an interview with him on U-Tube, as well. There is universal energy that we all can tap into if only we’d just do it! And do it together! I’m not a farmer, most of us now are not farmers, but we stand on this precipice of losing authentic farmers like Michael Schmidt if we don’t start supporting them by demanding something other than “phood” from the “collective.” God Bless You, Michael & Company! May this hunger strike bear substantive fruit. And may God sustain your health and well being while not partaking in bio-fuel.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I am sorry to hear the result of the ruling of the Ontario Court of Justice. I have posted an update on eatkamloops.org. Thank you, for fighting for our food freedom. I know people that have survived many years on only raw milk. One glass each day is too small an amount for a large, hard working man. Please, do not weakness or make yourself ill.

    Here is the link to my posting:

    Caroline Cooper
    Weston A Price Foundation Kamloops Chapter

  4. Bill Anderson

    Michael’s grace and steadfastness in the face of such adversity should be an inspiration to us all!

  5. Marietta Pellicano

    OK, a wonderful suggestion from Deborah Evans, who “blogged” on David Gumpert’s web-site: She suggested that we all fast on Thursdays, as that is when Michael started his hunger strike. Yes, I think all healthy people could fast with Michael on that day of the week to stand with him in solidarity. I know I will. I will also focus between work times on the Ho’oponopono mantra on that day as well. Please, let us all consider doing this together. Prayer and fasting can move mountains…especially if we do it ‘en masse,’ Look, protesters are taking to the streets because they are fed up with the rip-off of the people’s national wealth…those of who cannot join them and add “food rights” to the list of grievances can still participate by fasting with Michael and Company on Thursdays and add the Ho’oponopono prayer if you can. Join together…fast and pray with Michael and Company this Thursday and every Thursday! Together it will make a difference!

  6. Winifred

    I was not in favour of Michael’s fast, but I am in favour of his mission. Despite my reservations of Michael’s fast, I think Marieltta Pellicano’s suggestion of fasting every Thursday may have some merit to demonstrate a collective willingness and commitment of people. The Dairy industry has a lot of political clout and money. In that respect we cannot match the Industry, however our strength and commitment can be demonstrated in our determination and steadfastness together. Shall we consider voluntarily signing a document for those who would be willing to fast every Thursday. The Ho’oponopono is good too. Food (or perhaps “not food”) for thought…or is that for action.
    If there is a public fasting commitment-document to sign, the reasons for the fast and the purpose of the fast should be included. What will end our fast? This effort could be very supportive of the mission that Michael is fighting for, and and the four others who are already on a fast with him.
    Thanks Marietta! Does the Bovine have any thoughts on this?

  7. Winifred

    Great idea Marietta,
    I am going to join the Thursday Fast.

    What do other’s think?
    Would a blog roll on participants be effective? or should it be personal?

    Shirley Ann Wood

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