Why are so many people so stupid?


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4 responses to “Why are so many people so stupid?

  1. nedlud


    You can die stupid or you can go down fighting.

  2. I see sensorship is alive and well on the internet….what happened to this article??? The CBC website also did not post my comments regarding the raw milk issue…all I stated was..”what was the government to do?? Confiscate every cow and throw everyone in jail that drinks raw milk?? Heck, there would not be enough room in the prisons for the real criminals!” Whatever happened to majority rules?? This is no democratic country…we only get to vote in which idiot will run our lives for 4 years, they only want to know what you think during election time so they can cater their platform to what you what to hear. Once they’re in, that’s it, rules and priorities change…and yes, I will be voting this election!

  3. thebovine

    Christine, which article are you referring to on the CBC website?

    • The article that goes with the tag line…..Why are so many people so stupid? I cannot see it on my laptops. Has it indeed been removed or is it just my 2 year old laptops?????

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