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Michael Schmidt on Sun TV tonight at 5

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt will be a guest today October 5, 2011 at 5:00 pm on the Ezra Levant show, The Source, on Sun TV (aka Fox News North).

Photo from the last time Michael appeared on Ezra's show back in April of 2011.

Read the Bovine’s post about  Michael’s last appearance on Sun TV back in April of 2011.


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Despite court ruling, raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt won’t back down

From Jayme Poisson, in the Toronto Star:

Photos from the slide show on the Toronto Star website.

“Aboard the big blue school bus, raw milk devotees line up with canvas bags. They pick salami, homemade organic cinnamon rolls and jars of crabapple jelly off makeshift shelves along the windows.

“So, back to square one again,” says Maria Theresia to fellow raw milk drinker Melanie Nason. The women are waiting to pick up their glass jars of milk. Continue reading


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