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Thornhill laps up raw milk — suppport continues despite court ruling it’s illegal

From Simon Martin, on York Region.com

Gary Wilson at the blue bus in the parking lot of Christian Community Church, having picked up his share of raw milk as well as other food from the farm. STAFF PHOTO/STEVE SOMERVILLE

“Five days into an indefinite hunger strike, raw milk champion Michael Schmidt looked no worse for wear. He appeared strong and energetic, although his wife said he has been a little more grumpy than usual.

“This is exactly what I’m getting,” he said, raising a glass of his farm-fresh unpasteurized milk. “I’m taking one glass a day of that dangerous milk.” Continue reading


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Max Kane and Vernon Hershberger join Michael in his raw milk hunger strike

Max Kane and Michael Schmidt following the raw milk acquittal in January of 2010. Inset: Michael Schmidt with farmer Vernon Hershberger at his farm in Wisconsin.

Max Kane and Vernon Hershberger have joined the hunger strike.

What a great tribute to the cause of food rights. Two dear friends south of the border called me to tell me that they have joined the hunger strike for Responsible Food Freedom as it relates to our very personal decision what to put in our body. Continue reading


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