Max Kane and Vernon Hershberger join Michael in his raw milk hunger strike

Max Kane and Michael Schmidt following the raw milk acquittal in January of 2010. Inset: Michael Schmidt with farmer Vernon Hershberger at his farm in Wisconsin.

Max Kane and Vernon Hershberger have joined the hunger strike.

What a great tribute to the cause of food rights. Two dear friends south of the border called me to tell me that they have joined the hunger strike for Responsible Food Freedom as it relates to our very personal decision what to put in our body.

Max Kane has been fighting for raw milk and struggling with the justice system in Wisconsin and openly challenged the actions of the State of Wisconsin. I went to Wisconsin to support his rally in defiance of unjust laws and he came in January 2010 to be part of the great Kowarsky ruling. He was severely sick and recovered because of access to raw milk.

Vernon Hershberger is another cow share farmer in Wisconsin who has been raided and harassed by Health officials and Agricultural enforcement agencies. He cut open the police tapes and defied every order in order to supply his people with their raw milk.

He and his family took on fearlessly the authorities with this act of defiance. I was deeply moved when I received his phone call that he is also starting his hunger strike for Responsible Food Freedom.

Thank you my friends.

Also I just received the message that more and more people starting to fast in support of our cause.

My thanks goes out to all of them.


Vernon Hershberger with family on his Wisconsin farm.


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7 responses to “Max Kane and Vernon Hershberger join Michael in his raw milk hunger strike

  1. Marietta Pellicano

    Today, all those who are otherwise healthy might think about joining these brave souls and fast with them…just for today…and stand with them in solidarity! Fasting and prayer…a universal energy compounded by sheer
    numbers. Please join me in fasting with Michael, Max and Vernon. God Bless them all.

  2. SA

    I’ve joined you Marietta.

  3. I can’t get behind this. Lack of calories leads to digestion of one’s own protein, which can lead to ketosis and acidosis. Permanent kidney damage is the result.

    There are conflicting messages here. One is that raw milk is remarkably healthful. The other is that if Michael Schmidt doesn’t start getting respect from the law, and justice, he’s going to risk killing himself.

    So now raw milk is part of his plan to hold himself hostage. It’s the weapon by which he injures himself…?

    There’s a REASON we don’t try to live mainly on raw milk. Male Maasai do, and as a direct result, they have the WORST life-expectancy in the modern world: 42 years. Their kidneys fail.

    Dropping dead, or going to the hospital for kidney failure, is not the way to communicate the goodness of raw milk…

    I happen to think raw milk is worth a lot of risk– and that risk just isn’t there. Checking with states where it’s totally legal, the data is not on the side of the ban. What risks there are, is equal or even less than that of pasteurized milk.

    Raw milk is NOT like fugu blowfish sushi, something so dangerous it has to be banned.

  4. Susan C.Gilman

    Unlike pasteurized milk, which is acid-producing, raw milk is a good food, one that saved my Mom’s life 39 years ago, when her digestive system had
    been damaged by a bad fungus. Dr. Bieler suggested that she just drink a glass of raw milk and eat a Fleishman’s yeast cake a frew times a day for
    about 2 weeks, which helped her body heal. (Then, he recommended a
    bland diet). Mom enjoyed 39 more years of life. Bieler recommended raw
    milk to all his patients, who were, by the way, either pregnant/nursing or
    “terminally” ill; always with excellent results. We were so delighted to find
    raw milk available at Vernon Hershberger’s family farm, that we have moved
    closer to it, to this dear family.
    (I wrote more, but seem to have lost it, below)….Yes, there are dangers
    involved in the risk of fasting…even in doing the Master Cleanser, which recommends adding a tablespoon (or 2) to every glass of warm lemonade.
    My mate & I strongly suggest that that these noble-hearted warriors drink
    a little Miracle II Neutralizer with their water (or lemonade).
    Love and blessings to you & yours,
    Susan G

    Having learned of Vernon Hershbergers’ family farm and raw milk was
    one of the BEST gifts I received from God, since Mom & I moved to Wiscon-
    sin. So much so, that have moved closer to them.

    Though I admire the Spirit of rebellion that has inspired these noble-
    hearted ones, who Know that every Amerikan should, at least, have the right to choose which foods he/she will ingest, there are, indeed, dangers
    in the risky act of fasting. No doubt Max, Michael and Vernon know of them.
    (When I once did the Master Cleanser, the lemonade diet, for 10 days, I
    lost a Lot of weight and felt quite ethereal; and that marvelous Cleanse

  5. Raw milk is not dangerous period. As if what God made is somehow imperfect. The pride of man today is so overt.
    You say that the male massai have the worst life expectancy in the “modern” world. REALLY?!! and…. is it due to the raw milk they drink or due to the modern polluted world in which they live, or due to the powers that be who created the severe drought in Africa causing the Massai to lose their wonderful dairy and meat cattle and as a result were forced to accept the godless charity of processed cereals as a replacement “food”.
    Come on, you really don’t know what you are talking about.

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