Farmer Michael Schmidt on day 10 of his hunger strike for raw milk justice


Dear friends

I have settled into the routine of abstaining from any food and just rely on water and lemon juice.

I stopped drinking my daily glass of milk.

So far I have lost 20 pounds since I started and I am still able to attend to my regular tasks at hand.

Things have changed now also in Canada since Tetley’s ruling  in regards to the states determination to eliminate our rights as it relates to food.

What had started in Wisconsin with Justice Fiedlers ruling, denying your right to even own a cow has found it’s own version in Ontario with the Tetley ruling that drinking milk and raw milk is no constitutional right.

Where do we go from here.

Remember that any raw milk poll conducted for the last 20 years, always came out in our favor. The latest was 90 percent in favor of having the right to choose.

People want to have the right to choose. Many do not care about milk but care about the basic rights we are losing.

It is hard to follow Tetley’s ruling. There seems no consideration of looking beyond the boundaries. No consideration of analyzing legal principles, no consideration if in fact the state has failed in his assessment of public health dangers.

Bottom line is, that he certainly toes the line in a convoluted way.

What is justice? How far can and should the elected Government be allowed to interfere and restrict.

What are the next steps to take, people keep asking.

You need to bombard your Member of Parliament with requests to answer to you, why you are not allowed to make an informed choice.

You need to write , you need to phone, you need to meet them.

You have to write to your newspaper.

You have to keep discussing the urgency in public.

You need to support the Canadian Constitution Foundation who has on our behalf taken over the legal defense.

You need to be ready to defend your food and your farmer. It is your food, your health, your life.

You need to stand on guard now more than ever.

Inform your local health unit that you will defend your rights.

Highlight the hypocrisy of health protection versus forced vaccination, fluoridation, chlorination.

This does not feel like a  hunger strike .

This is a “Fast for Responsible Food Rights.

Lots can be done if we are willing to wake up and resist with love.

Let’s start today.

Warm regards



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15 responses to “Farmer Michael Schmidt on day 10 of his hunger strike for raw milk justice

  1. simon

    I dunno about the whole fasting/legal approach.. i doubt it will do much. How about getting real public awareness by public demonstrations by your milk members. We should do the same here in vancouer…
    I suspect this issue will never get solved until it gets taken to the streets.

  2. Alan Benninger

    Michael: Interesting as always, but your suggestion that chlorination is hypocrisy, if you’re relating it to application to drinking water supplies, does not take into account a critical fact – that chlorination has saved millions of lives in the past century. Even so close to ‘home’, if proper chlorination of the drinking water been done in Walkerton, 7 deaths and thousands of illnesses would have been prevented. I respect you for making your stand in what you truely believe in, but there should be some respect given to other public health safety measures – not everyhing government requires is a bad thing!

    • Raoul

      I would say that you are both right.
      Chlorination has served us for a long time but now there are cleaner alternatives available. As Chlorine ,when it reacts and kills, forms compounds that are carcinogenic .
      Many Canadian municipalities are using Ozone and/or UV to disinfect water.
      So we have to evolve with the technology.
      There are numerous studies to support the use of Ozone, Just Google it.

      Similarly , thanks partly to technology Raw Milk is safer than ever but i find that most newspapers and government reports only deal superficially with the topic and continue to give the totally false impression that the whole process is done in wild and unsanitary and uncontrolled conditions.
      I don’t know if this is deliberate or if they really do not have a clue as i have never seen an intelligent discussion in the news about the incredible and thorough hygiene procedures that Michael incorporates into his operation.

    • Mary Jo

      One the one hand, you hear that chlorine in drinking water is safe. On the other hand, you hear that it’s a real cause for concern, and that you should filter or someway remove it from your water. What’s the real story? Is it safe, or potentially damaging to your health? Well, if you’re concerned about chlorine, here are some things to think about.

      Municipalities and other water treatment plants put chlorine in the drinking water in order to kill bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. And, quite frankly, it does a pretty good job is this. Not even 100 years ago, we still had cholera outbreaks in this country, which killed thousands of people. Chlorination put a stop to that. But, of course, there are some problems with chlorine.

      Although, the water companies say that chlorine in drinking water is safe at the low levels it’s found in our water, no one knows for sure. All these federal guidelines of maximum allowable parts per million are mainly not much more than slightly educated guesswork. As a matter of fact, no one really knows the long term health consequences of drinking chlorine, even in low levels.

      One thing that causes concern, however, is chlorine’s propensity to combine with organic material to form a class of chemicals called trihalomethanes. These chemicals are known carcinogens. They are also very volatile. If there are trihalomethanes in your water (you can bet there are to some degree, if your water is chlorinated), then you would be ingesting them whenever you drank a glass of water, or even used it in cooking.

      Not only that, but since these chemicals are volatile (that is they vaporize easily when heated up), you’re breathing them into your lungs whenever you take a shower or a bath. Again, no one really knows what the long term health consequences of breathing chlorine and chlorine compounds are. Colin Ingram, in his book, The Drinking Water Book, says that one of your top priorities should be to quit drinking water with chlorine in it. Although, I’m no specialist, I agree! Getting chlorine out of your system should be an obvious thing to do.

      Article Source:

      • Alan Benninger

        Mary Jo:

        I appreciate your comments on this thread. Chlorine is added to disinfect the drinking water leaving a treatment facility or water well – that is usually the last treatment location for the water. However, the water could be contaminated in the distributtion system itself due to biofilm, improper repair procedures after a leak, etc. Ensuring a chlorine residual in the distribution system indicates that the water is protected and safe for consumption. More and more systems are using ultra violet (UV) disinfection, but would still need to add some chlorine to protect the water in the distribution system

        Regarding trihalomethanes (THMs), yes they are produced when organic matter reacts with chlorine. This is most directly related to surface water sources, not related to most groundwater ones. Surface supplies usually remove much of the organic matter by applying coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration processes prior to the addition of chlorine. Municipalities are required to sample for THMs throughout the distribution system and report on them – another regulatory requirement that is in place to protect the public health. There are very few municipalities that provide the public with drinking water where there is a valid concern regarding high levels of THMs. Most of these will have source water protection and other procedural barriers to prevent contamination of the water supply.

        The residual chorine in the municipal water coming out of your tap will ‘gas off’ to atmosphere if you let a jug sit in a jug in your fridge, which negates the need to filter through an activated carbon media – like a ‘Brita’. Municipal water supplies have a much more rigorous sampling and testing requirement than bottled water providers. And we shouldn’t consider ‘well water’ to always be safe either as surface contamination can occur – as it did in Walkerton.

        I stand by my original point that chlorine has literally saved millions of lives since its been added to public drinking water supplies and that its not based on hypocrosy,


    • thebovine

      I wonder if Michael meant fluoridation rather than chlorination.

      • Alan Benninger

        Michael also referred to fluoride in the same statement related to hypocosy. I chose to only respond on ‘chlorine’ in response to that.

  3. nedlud

    I wasn’t even going to come back to the Bovine anymore as of the comment rule change, but the truth is, I like Michael a lot.

    I almost like him as much I hate fascist, technofascist bureaucrats and officials, who are undermining all our (the people’s) natural rights and replacing them with their ‘right’ of ownership and control that they have exercised through their predatory and cannibalistic legal and monetary system over everybody and everything else.

  4. martina hayward

    Michael, dear heart stay strong and know that you are right. We are behind you-love your friends Martina and Steve Hayward

    • Mary Jo

      “In Canada it is not mandatory to identify the method of production, including genetic modification, that was used to develop a food product.”

      The goverment has taken it upon themselves to decide what is best for us, including not making it mandatory to inform the people of when they are consuming a genetically modified food. They have left it a volunatry action for the producer to label such foods.

      We are to blindly trust that they are making proper and just decisions on our behalf. They can include this D3 component into the milk we feed our children, but we cannot have natural, real milk made available to us. Slowly our nutritional standards have lowered, as we consume more and more processed foods, how is this affecting our farmers? If the goverment has been doing a good job regulating the food we consume, than why are there more and more pharmacies showing up in our cities? Has the goverment’s regulations improved our general health, or have they degraded it by limiting our access to pure natural foods. It is my right to drink natural milk!

  5. Raoul

    If you have not already done so you might try adding celtic grey sea salt and glucose/maple syrup/ agave to the litre of water or lemon juice that you are drinking.
    This may minimally sustain for a longer period than just lemon juice alone thus delaying a potential later need for hospitalization .
    The ratio is 3/8 of a teaspoon sea salt to 5 or 6 teaspoons of glucose or maple syrup to the one litre of purified water.
    Lastly for 200 pound individuals it is suggested they ingest 100 oz of fluid/day or 12.5 cups .
    Google “Home-made Electrolyte ” for more details .

  6. Hi Michael,
    I’m a raw milk seller in the UK, and cannot believe what is happening in Canada! It is legal for me to sell raw milk and over the last four years our customer numbers have grown enormously. What has been really encouraging is that our own Environmental Health officials have been positive about what we do, and more importantly, the UK government recognise that it is better for consumers to have the choice of raw and pasteurized milk, as long as raw milk farmers are regulated thereby ensuring the quality of the raw milk available to the public. I am staggered by the legal position and attitude towards you taken by the authorities over there…………’s archaic, predjudiced, and so so ignorant of the raw milk virtues. In terms of your hunger strike, why don’t you go on a raw milk fast instead. One of our customers did a 28 day milk fast to raise money for her school, and felt fantastic. Wouldn’t that capture the public’s attention if you can survive on only one food………that aren’t any other foods you can eat solely on their own for a complete diet. Also you won’t compromise your well being for the fight!

    All the best in your struggle,

    Steve Hook

    • Raoul

      Hi Steve;
      I was wondering if you know of any articles on say “A day in the life of a Raw Dairy Farmer in the UK ” that you could forward to The Bovine ?
      I am not suggesting that you should pen it yourself since there is no guarantee it would be published here .
      I would like to see articles (perhaps once per month ?) from all jurisdictions that permit Raw Dairy (starting with the Western ones – whether countries,states or provinces ) that detail the nitty gritty regulatory process that a farmer there goes through there.
      This will help us “poor , disadvantaged ” Canadian folks visualize a way out of this mess ! The more often we can show proof, the more specific the better, that dozens of civilized nations have devised workable methods for processing Raw Dairy, the more ridiculous our Canadian government will look when it manufactures these outrageous paternalistic edicts and notions around Food Safety and Health .
      I am not sure if it is ‘archaic’ or somebody else’s futuristic and jaded vision of monoculture control of the masses ? Canada was also a world leader in dishing out the last round of untested “Swine Flu” vaccinations.
      The theory might be that we (Canadians) are the easiest to manipulate because our society is relatively younger and therefore without the same strong and ancient traditions and foundations of local food culture.
      I am sure there are many other reasons as well.

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