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Michael Schmidt on Hunger Strike for Responsible Food Freedom — Across Canada and U.S. Supporters Have Joined Michael On This Strike

News release that went out today on behalf of Michael Schmidt:

(Toronto – October 10, 2011) Michael Schmidt has been fighting since 1994 for the right of men, women and children in Ontario to drink raw milk. He is the founder of Cow Share Canada, which provides health standards for raw milk production, and which lays down some of the most stringent hygiene standards.

Over the last 17 years he has made every effort to co-operate with the authorities to find a solution for the legalization of raw milk in Ontario and Canada. Yet, despite this, his farm was raided in 1994 and again in 2006 (25 armed officers stormed in and terrorized the entire farm family.)

Acquitted on all charges by Justice Kowarsky in 2010, the Province of Ontario subsequently decided to appeal the acquittal and Justice Tetley found Michael guilty September 28 2011 on 15 of the 19 charges. Continue reading


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Food sovereignty rally at Grey Bruce health unit in Owen Sound in support of Michael Schmidt and legal raw milk


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Karen Selick responds to anti-raw-milk Toronto Star editorial re Tetley decision

A letter to the editor published in the Star in response to this editorial.

Karen Selick (centre) with Michael Schmidt and a reporter following the appeal hearing in April 2011.

Re: Ending raw milk risk, Editorial Oct. 3

Your editorial demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of the Michael Schmidt case. No one is seeking to coerce or deceive unsuspecting individuals into consuming raw milk. If raw milk sales were legal in Ontario —as they are in most European countries and half the U.S. — those who wished to avoid any perceived risk could check the labels and continue buying pasteurized.

If the Star’s philosophy of protecting children from all risks were adopted across the board, then we should outlaw balloons, which carry a far greater risk of death than raw milk. Approximately eight children in the U.S. and one in Canada die every year from balloons. Continue reading


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