Michael Schmidt on Hunger Strike for Responsible Food Freedom — Across Canada and U.S. Supporters Have Joined Michael On This Strike

News release that went out today on behalf of Michael Schmidt:

(Toronto – October 10, 2011) Michael Schmidt has been fighting since 1994 for the right of men, women and children in Ontario to drink raw milk. He is the founder of Cow Share Canada, which provides health standards for raw milk production, and which lays down some of the most stringent hygiene standards.

Over the last 17 years he has made every effort to co-operate with the authorities to find a solution for the legalization of raw milk in Ontario and Canada. Yet, despite this, his farm was raided in 1994 and again in 2006 (25 armed officers stormed in and terrorized the entire farm family.)

Acquitted on all charges by Justice Kowarsky in 2010, the Province of Ontario subsequently decided to appeal the acquittal and Justice Tetley found Michael guilty September 28 2011 on 15 of the 19 charges.

In addition, Fraser Health in British Columbia has filed to find Michael in contempt of court and impose a $55,000 fine (case to be heard November 2nd 2011).

On September 29, in the face of continued persecution by the Provincial governments for his “crime” of believing that informed consumers should be able to choose what they eat and drink, Michael Schmidt started the Hunger Strike for Responsible Food Freedom.

Michael Schmidt has stopped consuming any food and now only drinks water. His demands are simple.

“I respectfully ask that the Ontario and BC governments agree to a constructive dialogue on how we can provide a framework to enable people to make real choices about their food and what they eat, beginning with raw milk and the implementation of a framework that grants legal standing for cow share operations in Ontario and BC. This objective also includes the end of the current prosecutions of cow shares which meet proper production standards.”

Farmers around the country who believe, as Michael does, that people and not governments, should choose the food they consume, have joined the raw milk fight over the years. These farmers are in real danger today and many of them risk losing everything.

Currently eight people have joined Michael on this Hunger Strike for Responsible Food Freedom:

-Max Kane, Wisconsin (in court many times for his work supporting raw milk farmers)

-Vernon Hershberger, Wisconsin (raw milk farmer also a victim of several Government raids)

-Bernie Cosgrove, Alberta (farmer)

-And five others who do not want to be named are participating in this Hunger Strike for Responsible Food Freedom.

There is also a large group in Toronto who are on a rotational fasting in support and respect to Michael Schmidt and others on this Hunger Strike For Responsible Food Freedom.

The movement is growing. More people in Canada and the US are joining every day. And they are determined that the government will not tell them what they can eat.

For up to the minute info and posts from Michael Schmidt and supporters visit:



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8 responses to “Michael Schmidt on Hunger Strike for Responsible Food Freedom — Across Canada and U.S. Supporters Have Joined Michael On This Strike

  1. charles jasunas

    Hi, Michael Schmidt should contact people who can prove what he says is true. He should contact Dr.Bruce Fife who says that raw milk is good for your health along with coconut oil.Dr.Malcolm Kenrick who can prove that cholesterol does not cause heart desease , and Bob Barefoot on vitamin D3 and coral calcium. All say the same thing about natural food. Please check them out. Charles.

    • Not A Quack

      I don’t believe the issue is about cholesterol, but rather about pathogens, so contacting Dr Kenrick will be of little use.
      As for Dr Fife, he is a quack-doctor, a naturopath.
      I support that people should be able to consume what they choose, but until it can be proven safe, then I would not like to think children are consuming it.

      • oh my goodness, doesn’t 10,000 years of drinking raw unpasteurized milk prove it is safe? Do the research on why unpasteurized milk was banned in Canada and why raw milk can still be purchased in many stores in the U.S.A. My daughter was diagnosed with lactose intolerance two years ago and that is when we switched to raw milk. My three children have never been sickened by it and ARE healthier than ever!

  2. Marietta Pellicano

    Prayer and fasting can move mountains and perhaps intractable bureaucrats/judges! I can only fast one day per week, but I am doing just that on Thursdays to stand with Michael and Company over these extremely important issues. Raw milk and my choice to choose to use it as a nutrient dense food for myself and my family remains sacrosanct! If I loose these liberties I will live as a criminal regarding these issues for the rest of my life. I pray that we may all avoid such a future. Thank you all for fighting this battle…you are heroes all!

  3. nancy jewel poer

    Please, everyone do whatever you can to support this brave and responsible man…he is standing up for all of us for our most basic human right, to choose what we eat and how we nourish our bodies. Industrial agriculture, supported with the public tax dollars has produced’ cheap’ processed food and now we have the unhealthiest generations ever as obesity, diabetes and allergy epidemics soar, ultimately making health care costs impossible! Anyone growing their own food, sharing and producing healthy food for their neighbors (along with food sovereignty, local jobs, low carbon foot print etc.) should be aided in every way by the government to thrive and be safe… As no corporations make money on people being self reliant and exercising this freedom, indeed, seem threatened by it.. it is completely up to the people to demand this basic right.

    Nancy Jewel Poer, teacher, farmer, grandmother

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  5. Marina

    what the heck, why can people choose to smoke even though its bad for their health but not have a glass of milk. Everyone has the right to choose. Raw milk is best and its just crazy that it is illegal.

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