Raw milk information night October 19th, 7 pm in New Westminster, B.C.

From Gordon Watson in Vancouver:

Wednesday evening  October 19th 2011  doors open at 7 pm

at the Sapperton Pensioners’  Hall   318 Keary Street, New Westminster. Free admission

This coming Wednesday, for about an hour, starting at 7:20 pm, I’ll be giving a bit of an update to do with raw milk continuing to be available in British Columbia.

In a nutshell : the ruling in Ontario,  in which the Court ruled against raw milk dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, does not change our situation here in BC. REAL MILK is still flowing within the ‘Our Cows’ cowshare.

I set  up cowshare – originally named “Home on the Range” –  based on the right to use and enjoy private property.  We could always prove precisely who held shares, and exactly what was the property we owned jointly  =  cows in the herd as it was registered with Jersey Canada.  In contrast to our model : when it got down to brass tacks in Ontario, Michael Schmidt didn’t come up with the paperwork to satisfy the Court that the cowshare he was running there, was actually a joint-ownership arrangement.   He was found guilty of ‘selling milk’.

The ‘Our Cows’ herdshare here in BC is,  at law and in practice, genuinely a group of individuals who are exercising are right to use and enjoy the production of our jointly-owned asset = our herd of Jerseycows

Now Fraser Health Authority is having a go at Michael Schmidt. Although he took pains to explain his capacity as the Agister for Our Cows, and that the herdshare in BC had been re-organized as a vehicle delivering raw milk as a cosmetic, rather than for human consumption,  FHA alleges he’s  in contempt of the Court Order which put Alice Jongerden out of business.

Fraser Health says the same thing against me.  The thing is set to be heard in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in New Westminster, on November 2 2011 at 9:30 am.    Having been through 5 trials for contempt of Court in other political issues … and won a couple of them! … I do know a thing or two about how it’s supposed to go.

For the second hour on October 19th, I will give my opinion about the upcoming criminal prosecution of Russell A Porisky, set for trial in the Supreme Court of BC, at Vancouver.    Starting back about a decade ago, Mr Porisky used to hold forth about how the Income Tax Act didn’t apply to a Natural Person. And how that concept could be applied so as to avoid paying tax on income to the Person to whom a Social Insurance Number was allocated.   I took a bit of flak from members of the cult dba as the Paradigm School of Prophetic Tax Law Interpretation, when I criticized him for perpetrating a fraud on consumers, by omitting to tell prospective customers about certain Paradigm students who had gone to gaol for tax evasion, after RevScam disagreed with the Porisky method.

Mister Porisky now faces 9 counts such as tax evasion, and counselling an indictable offence. Finally!  he will get his opportunity to explain it all,  from the prisoner’s box.

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens

Directions to the hall :    Keary Street crosses East Columbia Street, immediately to the south west of the Royal Columbian Hospital.  The hall is at 318 Keary,  about 200 yards up hill from the Sapperton SkyTrain Station.

The #112 bus goes right by Royal Columbian Hospital    Free parking around the hall is quite limited / hard to find on residential side streets.   So be prepared to park a ways a way, and walk to the hall.  There is some pay parking just around the corner.


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5 responses to “Raw milk information night October 19th, 7 pm in New Westminster, B.C.

  1. Raoul

    I would like to see more articles on the nitty gritty of dairy coop farming and perhaps general farming cooperatives. Perhaps different successful and government certified ( or at least “tolerated” ) farming cooperatives could write articles on their model and structure ?
    And apart from the technical side of it , different members could also write articles on the human side of it i.e how it benefits their families and local communities .
    Some more food for thought ?
    On one hand I was surprised that with all the legal and humanitarian brainpower that Michael has poured into this project over the past 17 years that the Ontario government now finds the coop structure not robust enough. But on the other hand the Ontario government played a shrewd game by never once cooperating or communicating or trying to find a common ground on this point in the first place? Where do you start when all your opponent does is ignore you and threaten you all the time ?
    Generally speaking just this point alone is already profoundly “mind-blowing” for your average “Walmart shopping” trained corporatized Canadian . So i think we should not take it for granted. I think there needs to be more information nights and articles just on the coop concept alone.

  2. Sib

    I totally agree with Raoul. I only started learning about the benefits of raw milk two years ago and once I did, there was no question that it was a far healthier food than pasteurized milk. Again, it all comes down to education, information and knowledge and having an open mind. Also, if raw milk was so dangerous, then absolutely no one, including farmers and their families, should be drinking it. We should all be dropping dead like flies from this so-called pathogenic substance — instead, the evidence shows that people become healthier. There will always be some risk with every single food people eat. And the health or internal environment of each human body greatly affects how their body absorbs nutrients or toxins. Again, it’s the terrain that truly matters, and when you have a majority of people taking all sorts of pharmaceuticals every day, who knows whether their bodies can operate optimally anymore? Do they have a strong immune system? With so many chronic diseases becoming more prevalent, I tend to think not. It’s all backwards. We are allowed to eat government-corporate sanctioned chemical-laced food-like substances, but heaven forbid we should have access to REAL, WHOLE, LOCAL, UNADULERATED, NUTRITIOUS, FOOD! I am trying to take responsibility for my own health and apparently am legally allowed to drink raw milk. How can I exercise that right and responsibility when farmers are banned from supplying the milk? This makes no sense! The general public needs to be educated about what real food is. They do not know. Plain and simple.

  3. MR Olson

    Dairy Board still controlling the milk supply? Gordon, pls e-mail me!

  4. Gordon I need you to advise. Please call me 604-321-2276

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