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Michael Schmidt and more than 100 supporters rally for raw milk freedom outside Grey County health unit today

From Michael Schmidt:

More than a hundred people turned out for this raw milk rally at the Grey County Health Unit which is more than two hours from Michael Schmidt main market in Thornhill -- amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Under the gaze of television cameras, in an act of brazen enforcement, health inspector Chris Munn confiscates a glass of milk from in front of Michael Schmidt at the rally earlier today.

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Michael Schmidt, raw milk, and 14 days of hunger for responsible food freedom

From farmer Michael Schmidt:

14 days for Responsible Food Freedom

I begin to feel the effects of no food. My mind, most of the time very clear and focused wanders off into space wondering where this will end.

I have received many different reactions upon my decision to Fast for Responsible Food Freedom.

Many are worried about my health and survival, a few have been angry and some outright sarcastic and vicious. Continue reading


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