Alice Jongerden speaks out at “Occupy Vancouver” rally, about raw milk laws, Michael Schmidt and food rights

See photos from the demonstration below, as seen in the Vancouver Sun:



Above photos are from the Vancouver Sun. See more here.


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7 responses to “Alice Jongerden speaks out at “Occupy Vancouver” rally, about raw milk laws, Michael Schmidt and food rights

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  2. I have signed your petition. Thank you for fighting for our collective food freedom. It deeply saddens me that we are living in a time where a United States judge can say we don’t have a right to consume milk from our own cows and our own British Columbia laws state raw milk is a “health hazard”.

    We have an upside down world. If this trend continues, we will find ourselves no longer able to grow food in our gardens or eat the products of our animals. We will have to buy all our food from the large multinational companies. There will not be a local food system, nor local food security. This is the time to protect our farmers and those brave enough to stand up for our collective food freedom.

    My thoughts, and prays, are with you. May the universe give you the strength to continue this fight. I am sorry that more people are not “awake” to what they will lose, if you are not triumphant:

    Caroline Cooper
    Weston A Price Foundation Kamloops Chapter

  3. Bill Anderson

    Love it, Michael. We must carry the banner of raw milk into the popular social movements now growing! Raw milk for all the people, not just for the rich!!

  4. In Canada, the laws requiring pasteurization are both federal and provincial. A petition to the government of Canada, even if heeded by the federal government, would not be sufficient to allow consumers access to raw milk.

  5. Alim

    Thankfully our system of government was set up with a failsafe, we can elect not to be citizens whenever we want. A “canadian citizen” is nothing more than a a public employee. All that is required is to rebut their (hidden) presumption that you were acting in your capacity as an agent of government. It says right in the Charter that it only applies to employees.

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