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Watch the video, sign the petition

Support food freedom in Canada by signing this petition.

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Is a fourth raid on Michael Schmidt’s farm being planned by the Canadian health authorities?

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt with supporters at Foodstock event in Canada Sunday; it drew an estimated 28,000 people to publicize food diversity. Photo via The Complete Patient

“The enormity of Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike is sinking in with more and more people.

For one person to put his life on the line so that others might re-gain or keep the right to eat the foods of their choosing–not the government’s choosing–says more than anyone could articulate in a speech or an article.

It’s important to remember as we consider Michael Schmidt’s act of self sacrifice that he comes from a country with a tragic fascist background. I mention it because he frequently brings it up to me–he knows well of my family’s Holocaust background.  Continue reading


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Freedom to buy and sell raw milk

From Karen DeCoster on Mises Daily:

“The August 3, 2011, shakedown of the Rawesome food cooperative in Venice, California, in spite of the tragic outcome, has produced one positive result. The ruthless raid on the part of miscellaneous government agencies has sparked a wave of unprecedented discord over the question, How can government dictate what we choose to eat when we each have unique standards for good nutrition?

This federalista blitzkrieg came at a time when raw milk alarmism had reached an all-time high. The folks who wish to banish raw milk can’t leave the issue alone, and instead they have ramped up a cacophonous crusade against one of nature’s glories. Day after day, articles and news bits appear in the mainstream media, full of fear mongering and panic-producing propaganda in regard to the safety of raw milk. Continue reading

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Prince Charles on “The Future of Food”

From The Prince of Wales’ own website. Thanks to Margo for the link!

Screen grab from HRH's website.

“…One or two of you may have noticed that over the past thirty years I have been venturing into extremely dangerous territory by speaking about the future of food. I have all the scars to prove it…! Questioning the conventional world view is a risky business. And the only reason I have done so is for the sake of your generation and for the integrity of Nature herself. It is your future that concerns me and that of your grandchildren, and theirs too.

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