Even Dalton McGuinty’s Facebook friends are urging him to “just talk to” Michael Schmidt about the raw milk


Meanwhile over on the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page:




And on a more encouraging note:

Latest posting on Facebook page "Support Michael Schmidt".


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7 responses to “Even Dalton McGuinty’s Facebook friends are urging him to “just talk to” Michael Schmidt about the raw milk

  1. They WERE allowed to…many many posted comments last night…they’re all deleted this morning though! and blocked from commenting again.

    now that’s listening to your citizens!

  2. Bernie Cosgrove

    The move is one. People hit twitter, use #rawmilk, find Dalton and every other premier tweet them. Then retweet all the #rawmilk tweets you come across. Find the Prime Minister on Twitter, tweet him as well!

    Do this every day, twice a day! (or more) …

    Lets get mooooving on this!

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  4. is less than 24 hours FB page “Support Michael Schmidt” is over 1000 people…fired up people ready to PHONE MOB McGuinty’s office!! I hope your reading this McGuinty people…NOBODY’S GOING AWAY ANYTIME SOON!!!

  5. This seems pretty press-worthy. Is there anyone in the press who would be interested in the story of a prominent politician censoring respectful, non-abusive comments on Facebook?

  6. Heal Thyself!

    Write to Dalton McGuinty on his website. Politely ask him to help Michael Schmidt: https://correspondence.premier.gov.on.ca/en/feedback/default.aspx

    Pat Robinson

  7. Sarah

    When I mentioned this issue on my Facebook page, several people didn’t believe me. So I proved it to them myself. My posts were visible last night, and this morning they are gone, and I am blocked from posting again.

    It is disgusting.

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