Will Michael Schmidt have to die so that the rest of us can live? — K. Hartke

From Kimberly’s “Hartke is Online” blog:

“Michael Schmidt is now on the 23rd day of his hunger strike for responsible food freedom. He is a farmer who has been relentlessly pursued by Health Canada for tending cows the old fashioned way. He refuses to put his animals on a conveyor belt and won’t allow them to be a cog in a wheel in some God forsaken factory. He won’t even cut their horns off, because it violates their nature to do so.

His farm is a heritage museum, a tribute to traditional, pre-modern foodways. It should be a national treasure. Instead, it is the scene of Canada’s national disgrace. Health bureaucrats, urged on by Canada’s conventional farmers are trying to destroy the farmer and take his farm away. They are bent on denying the people who depend on Michael’s farm. Their goal is to cut off their milk supply.

Michael’s food is produced privately, it does not go into the commercial food system. It is only available to his herd share investors, not the general public. His investors need this milk, often because they are struggling with serious health issues. They seek his milk as a remedy, and because of his meticulous animal husbandry and safety protocols, it is a good one.

Last year a judge vindicated Michael. This year an appeal by the state finds him to be a criminal.

One of the two documentaries made about this man is entitled, Michael Schmidt, Organic Hero or Bioterrorist. His government is treating him like the latter, but I can assure you he is the former. In fact, Michael Schmidt is considered a Hero of Sustainable Agriculture by Hartkeisonline.com.

Now, he is starving himself to wake society from its slumber. He is determined to die trying to get his government to be reasonable. He is asking for a meeting with the Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty.

In a blog post by Michael on the Bovine blog two days ago, there is a chilling sentence:

“I do not think that I can benefit of all this change coming towards us but I certainly can envision a better world for our children.” –Michael Schmidt

It sounds like Michael doesn’t expect to live through this episode!

Please, take a few minutes and make a call, send a fax, or email these Canadian officials. In the kindest way possible, ask for their help for this farmer, who, like Ghandi, is fighting for the rights of all people. We will get more with honey than with vinegar, so please make your request respectful of their office and with humility, for the love of Michael….”

Read it all on Hartke is Online.


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12 responses to “Will Michael Schmidt have to die so that the rest of us can live? — K. Hartke

  1. playbytherules

    A judge didn’t find him innocent, a justise of the peace did, as Michael found out there is a hugh difference.

    • Turcotte Jean-Pierre

      If ‘rules’ erode quality and promotes only conformity, then CHANGE THE RULES! – diversity is a broader wealth of experience to draw from. I support the principles and efforts deriving from Mr. Will Michael Schmidt ‘s insight, perception and vision.

  2. No he was a trained Justice of the Peace. Lawyer by trade.
    A man who still has the courage and wisdom to rule beyond the conventional boundaries which binds the legal profession into a very narrow road which way they can rule.
    Courage is sometimes all what is needed to change the course of history.

    • Mary Jo

      Courage like yours, Michael.

      • Sib

        “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
        – Margaret Mead

        Michael, you have inspired many of us to find courage we never knew we had within. In a couple weeks, another herd share member and I will be meeting with our local MPP who will support you. There is hope and strength in numbers. We can create change for the better if we all explain the situation to as many friends, family, colleagues and government representatives as possible. Do not give up – you have the love and support of thousands of people in Canada, the U.S. and around the world who are demanding that laws be changed to allow responsible food freedom. You have made huge sacrifices for 17 years so that people can have safe raw milk. Now cow share, herd share, and farm share members must do everything they can to help you. We shall not remain silent.

    • Turcotte Jean-Pierre

      …and I don’t even drink milk. Bon courage, Will Michael Schmidt – you stand for many who understand what freedom and liberty mean, reminding each of us as to our own responsibility to expose whatever idiotic rules devised by (multinational) corporations (lobbyists) to erode these. As an emerging humanist movement we will not play by their ‘rules’. THE RULES ARE FOR US TO MAKE!

  3. Politicians don’t care how many people die as long as they get fat and rich………………………………..

  4. Mary Jo

    Michael Schmidt:

    Another brave man:

    Michael Schmidt, Day 19:
    “The 57-year-old farmer and advocate of organic raw milk held a news conference at Queen’s Park Tuesday and also read a letter he was delivering to Dalton McGuinty in which he stated that his hunger strike would continue, unless the premier agreed to meet with him in person as soon as possible to discuss the right of people to buy food directly from farmers.

    Mainstream media:

    Free press:

    Michael’s Farm – Glencolton,:

    Legal Animal Factories:

    I say we protest!

  5. jen

    Thank you Michael! You are truly COURAGEOUS and the world lacks men like you who would put the future of others before himself. May God bless you and your family.

  6. Baldys wife

    Dear Playbytherules Thank God we are not all rule players, especially when it comes to unjust laws. I ask you as a rule player,”Should Rosa Parks have stayed at the back of the bus”?
    Standing up takes far more courage than sitting back and being a rule player. Why is it we can see clearly the unjust laws in other countries but we do not see what is happening in our own?

  7. Linda Rosier

    God be with you Michael.
    We are behind you always and your efforts will not be in vain.
    Thank you truly.

  8. People drank raw milk for thousands of years and they were healthier then than they are today drinking dead milk!

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