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Michael Schmidt slated to be the main speaker at Raw Milk Freedom Riders’ Nov. 1st drink-in at FDA headquarters

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

Out in the hallway, after last Tuesday's Queen's Park news conference, Michael Schmidt reads aloud his letter to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty as local TV journalists record it for the evening news.

“The rumbles from Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike are spreading quickly and widely.

As just one quantitative indication, the “Support Michael Schmidt” Facebook page has nearly 1,300 members, and that number will be out of date no doubt when you read this. Just yesterday, it was at a few hundred members. It seems that the phone calls and emails to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty are increasing as well–hundreds of calls an hour. (Although it seems McGuinty’s staff has been deleting messages from his Facebook page encouraging him to meet with Schmidt.) Continue reading


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Our conventional farms are “on drugs”

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“Shocked and appalled” — as still more readers write their politicians about raw milk and Michael Schmidt — part 4

Keep those letters coming, folks! Send them to TheBovine AT gmx DOT com

Farmer Michael Schmidt makes his case to the media last week at Queen's Park.

October 22nd 2011

Dear Premier McGuinty;

The time has come for you and your government to take some responsibility for this provinces legislation related to milk production, sale and distribution. This legislation is woefully outdated and does not take into consideration the right that people have to make informed choices over what they consume.

Consumers now more than ever before know what foods make them healthier and what foods are making them sick. Production and distribution methods are far more safe now than they were when this legislation was written. Continue reading

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Max Kane calls FDA over moms’ protest

For more on the moms’ protest planned for November 1st, see our earlier post.

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Midwest mid-life farm wife blogger asks “Do you know Michael?”

A reader writes:

Photo from the Toronto Star, via Renegade Farmer blog.

Thank you for all the hard work you do on The Bovine. We read it every day.

To show our support of Michael I have been focusing on his struggles in my daily blog posts which you can see here  http://midlifefarmwife.blogspot.com/2011/10/take-raw-milk-stand.html

In addition I also wrote a small piece about him in The Renegade Farmer, an e-zine I write for weekly. It is here http://www.therenegadefarmer.com/2011/10/do-you-know-michael.html

Finally, this Tuesday I will be taking part in the 24 hr fast to show solidarity for Michael and we are giving away FREE RAW MILK (one gallon per person) to anyone who comes to our farm and wants to join the fast as well.

Its not a huge amount but its a little something for this man who is giving up so much for the freedom of choice. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike for responsible food freedom and raw milk liberation is catching fire even down in “the States”

Click image to go to Facebook page and watch video


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Farmers meet to discuss the future of raw milk cow sharing in Ontario

Ontario Cow Share farmers Jacqueline Fennel and Michael Schmidt

Yesterday Jacquelin Fennel and her husband John met with Michael Schmidt to discuss the current situation in regards to cow share operations in Ontario.

Topic of discussion was the imminent danger of further crack downs by local Health Units or the SWAT team from the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) acting as enforcement agency for the two Ministries Agriculture and Health in Ontario.

Jacguelin Fennel is a fearless and outspoken cow share operator with 200 families. Continue reading


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Cow Share Canada Level 1 course Sat. October 29th with Tim Wightman

Farmer and educator Tim Wightman, at Glencolton Farms during an earlier visit.

Despite the current stalemate Cow Share Canada is holding another level one Cow Share College at Glencolton Farms this coming Saturday.

This course is open to Farmers and Consumers alike to understand the requirements, standards, and social implications before venturing into the new concept.

The following topics will be addressed: Continue reading


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