Cow Share Canada Level 1 course Sat. October 29th with Tim Wightman

Farmer and educator Tim Wightman, at Glencolton Farms during an earlier visit.

Despite the current stalemate Cow Share Canada is holding another level one Cow Share College at Glencolton Farms this coming Saturday.

This course is open to Farmers and Consumers alike to understand the requirements, standards, and social implications before venturing into the new concept.

The following topics will be addressed:

Safe Raw Milk Production

Farm Management

Cow breeding


Animal Husbandry

Biology of Milk

Safe Handling of Raw Milk

cleaning procedures

testing procedures

Cow Share: a co-operative structure


current legislation

Kowarsky cow share ruling, Tetley ruling

social responsibility

Cow Share member relations

how to connect

how to maintain

how to develop reliable partnerships

how to manage expectations

Accreditation Process

completion of courses

baseline testing

testing requirements of cows

inspection by independent dairy inspector

Final accreditation

Michael Schmidt is pleased to announce the participation of Tim Wightman leading this cow share college because of his own current limitations.

Tim Wightman has been in agriculture all of his life. He has pioneered CSAs, organic cooperatives, farmers’ markets, the Cow-share program, Farm-share program, Milk Direct raw milk testing program while living in Northern Wisconsin. Tim consults worldwide with dairy farmers on raw milk safety and direct marketing. He is an instructor in Cow-Share College & Goat-Share University and the author of the “Raw Milk Handbook”. His new “From Grass to the Glass – Chore Time” DVD instructs farmers in raw milk production.

Please contact Cow Share Canada at for registering

Editor’s note:

Here’s the course outline from an earlier Level 1 cow share canada course. This should be similar.

And here is the application form from that earlier course.


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5 responses to “Cow Share Canada Level 1 course Sat. October 29th with Tim Wightman

  1. nedlud

    I’m less than amused.

    I wonder if Tim Wightman knows how close he is, to being on the wrong side of the law?

    Oh wait! Natural laws and natural economies are meant to be usurped by the customs, economies (tuition and bureaucratic fees–TAXATION and TRIBUTE) of and by properly regulated, trained and maintained professionals/experts and their faithful-to-the-end followers.

    I forgot.

    The ‘new’ concept you imply is not new, Tim. Only to you and to those who you can preach to, so that you can make some fast and easy money.

    Meanwhile, Michael does the REAL work.

    • Why are you belittling and attacking Tim? How ridiculous when we are all fighting for the same thing!
      Yes, Michael’s role here is very important and I personally have a great deal of love, respect, and admiration for him. But I also know Tim and regard him highly. He is doing nothing wrong here, only advancing knowledge so that people who otherwise have little or no knowledge can gain it, and as such provide nourishing unprocessed food for families. Furthermore, “The workman is worth his wages”, although I know Tim does not get rich on these endeavors; but he has put years into making things work in today’s difficult times. He knows how to produce raw milk safely, he understands how to keep a herd healthy, and he has figured out how to organize and manage herdshares, etc. (none of which we *should* be needing, btw). What is wrong with him passing on this information to help others, and being compensated for it?!
      The concept *is* new, because the times have demanded a different mode of operation to what has historically been the case. And within the framework of the current system, people must learn to work in a new way. Tim does a great job of teaching these things, and has years of experience to back it up!
      So stop attacking the messenger-he has a very important job to perform and the rest of us appreciate it. Maybe you should too.

  2. nedlud

    Those who can’t, ALWAYS imagine that they CAN, teach.

    Thus we have the UNIVERSITY.

    Did I make myself clear?

  3. Raoul

    Keep up the good work Tim !
    Education is the answer in the short run and in the long run.
    The university system has failed us . It is better to have training from real people doing real work in the field . Instead of encouraging us to think and brainstorm creatively the university is simply serving us dogma from the corporate hierarchy and government bureaucracy . Innovative thinking seems to be limited to new cellphones and new computers and nothing else for some strange reason ?

    My concern all along is how to dispel this massive ignorance about the current best practices and great technologies available to make Raw Milk as nutritious , yet safe and healthy , as possible.
    This course is the best way to do that in Canada at least for ordinary folks who will not have the time for a 3 year diploma at some agricultural college.

    This course needs to be multiplied a hundred times over. It should be taught all across Canada ASAP .

  4. There are few things as efficient in learning as following a person who has been there and is willing to take the time to teach about i.

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