Farmers meet to discuss the future of raw milk cow sharing in Ontario

Ontario Cow Share farmers Jacqueline Fennel and Michael Schmidt

Yesterday Jacquelin Fennel and her husband John met with Michael Schmidt to discuss the current situation in regards to cow share operations in Ontario.

Topic of discussion was the imminent danger of further crack downs by local Health Units or the SWAT team from the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) acting as enforcement agency for the two Ministries Agriculture and Health in Ontario.

Jacguelin Fennel is a fearless and outspoken cow share operator with 200 families.

She has been one of the first farms operating under the “Cow Share Canada Quality Assurance Program” intended to provide cow share members with the comfort of a third party accreditation.

Cow Share Canada is a national organization providing the following:

-Farmers training through cow share colleges

-Consumer education through information sessions and newsletters

-Independent farm inspection by certified inspectors

-And farm accreditation after basic conditions like proper testing

procedures for the production of certified raw milk are complied


Cow Share Canada is a producer and consumer driven organization with members across Canada.

This concept is not new and has been successfully used in Europe for close to 100 years with great success.

In regards to the current challenges in Ontario and BC Michael and Jacguelin reviewed the immediate response procedures in case a farm is raided or about to be raided.

Amongst them the following:

-Response time after emergency call

-phone trees for quick responses

-training of members how to react and respond to harassment

-protection and preparation of farm family especially children for

possible raid

-non-violent resistance to enforcement actions.

-video surveillance of enforcement actions

-proper response to enforcement misconduct.

-how cow share members protect their property in case of a raid

-understand your rights

Special sessions with cow share members across Ontario have been taking place and are urgently recommended to prevent unpleasant surprises.

An Ontario wide emergency response hotline will be up and running shortly to inform media and associate farm organizations like the Ontario Land Owners or local chapters of general farm organizations about ongoing raids.

One of the main discussion points centered around the need to ensure the uninterrupted flow of milk after a raid to cow share members for very serious health reasons.

The co-operation and support between accredited cow share operations during and after the raid was also discussed.

As sad this is, it also shows the clear Determination by farmers and cow share families to defend their food and their rights against growing interference of bureaucrats.

“Forget your fears”says Jacguelin Fennel, “that is the first thing farmers have to learn”

Because of the current debate membership in Cow Share Canada dramatically increased and currently represents over 4000 members.

Michaels intention is to negotiate a “hands off policy for currently accredited cow share operations” until  pending court proceedings up to the last level have been completed with the help of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

For donations in support of your food rights please go to the following website:

Cow share farmers John Conklin, Jacqueline Fennel and Michael Schmidt


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2 responses to “Farmers meet to discuss the future of raw milk cow sharing in Ontario

  1. Lalena

    Dear President Obama,
    If this letter ever finds you I will be surprised! I can only imagine how busy you are and the contents are probably not on your list of priorities right now. However for me and millions of Americans and Canadians this subject is extremely important. We are fighting for it, we fear losing it, we want the right to consume it…yes, I’m talking about raw milk.
    Small farms that consume and sell raw milk are being treated like criminals, prosecuted and facing charges. They are afraid of losing their farms…and their rights. And losing your rights is no different than losing your life…something that Michael Schmidt of Ontario is proving to the world right now.
    You know it and I know it, we all know that it is nothing more than corporate slavery (Monsanto?). How is it possible that we are being told what to drink from our own governments? You know the ones that are supposed to be protecting our rights as humans?
    Here’s one fact: Anyone who disapproves of raw milk has never researched it. Period. Have you? I can’t believe it for a second! Because I know that if you had done the research (without bias or corporate lobbying in your face) there is no way on Gods earth you would give the “plastic” milk to your own children every day. You would fight for it. You would drink it and you would love it. Just like the Queen of England does herself every day.
    What we need is government support and regulations for these farmers on how to keep the raw milk safe and clean. Thousands of farmers already do this every day. My farmer tests every batch for purity and has the cleanest raw milk in my state.
    Michael Schmidt is willing to die for raw milk. He represents what all of us “raw-milk-drinkers” are feeling right now. Oppression, corporate slavery due to extreme lobbying (legal bribery), prosecution, lack of rights and mostly, apathy from our own governments.
    President Obama, understand that I will never cease drinking raw milk. I will buy a cow and hide it in my basement before I ever give my children a drop of “the other white stuff” off a grocery store shelf-full of hormones, antibiotics & pesticides from GMO fed cows… (really?)
    In the end, I just don’t see how on earth spending tax payer money to fight raw milk consumers is even remotely sane. For so many, raw milk is no different than a religion. It’s who we are. And we can’t be changed, even in the face of mass discrimination, hatred and sheer ignorance. Please help to protect our rights. You must know the raw milk movement is growing stronger each day. Make one phone call or write one letter in support of our local raw milk farmers. Or better yet, have a tall, cold glass of fresh raw milk from your own local farmer.
    With extreme sincerity,
    Lalena Jarvis

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