Midwest mid-life farm wife blogger asks “Do you know Michael?”

A reader writes:

Photo from the Toronto Star, via Renegade Farmer blog.

Thank you for all the hard work you do on The Bovine. We read it every day.

To show our support of Michael I have been focusing on his struggles in my daily blog posts which you can see here  http://midlifefarmwife.blogspot.com/2011/10/take-raw-milk-stand.html

In addition I also wrote a small piece about him in The Renegade Farmer, an e-zine I write for weekly. It is here http://www.therenegadefarmer.com/2011/10/do-you-know-michael.html

Finally, this Tuesday I will be taking part in the 24 hr fast to show solidarity for Michael and we are giving away FREE RAW MILK (one gallon per person) to anyone who comes to our farm and wants to join the fast as well.

Its not a huge amount but its a little something for this man who is giving up so much for the freedom of choice.

Most sincerely,

Donna OShaughnessy


South Pork Ranch LLC

32796 E. 750 N. Rd

Chatsworth, Illinois 60921



Here’s an excerpt from one of the posts Donna linked to in the above email:

“You should. Michael Schmidt is fighting the fight the rest of us wish we had the courage to fight. Some might think its only about the right to drink raw milk but it goes so much deeper than that. Please read the details of his story here.  https://thebovine.wordpress.com/ Michael is leading the way against big government. Governments which believe that it is their job, and in our best interests, for them to tell us in general how to run our lives and specifically what we can and cannot consume. And although Michael lives in Canada, I don’t think he would mind a quote from one of our country’s great leaders, Thomas Jefferson, who said:

“Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows us that as a government grows, liberty decreases.”

We are somewhat fortunate here in Illinois in regards to the sales of raw milk. It is allowable by law as long as the farmer jumps through a few hoops as stated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Hoop number one requires the consumer to come to the dairy farm, the dairy farmer is not allowed to bring the milk to the consumer.  Hoop number two requires the consumer to bring his own container to the dairy farm. Hoop number three prohibits the farmer from  advertising the raw milk he is allowed to sell.  In other words we are being told, “its OK to sell raw milk but you need to be wery wery quiet about it.”

No wonder farmers and consumers are so cautious about selling raw milk in this Don’t ask, don’t tell”  government mentality. Miraculously there is no law stopping our current customers from advertising our raw milk. They can tell all their friends, their neighbors, their postman, the bus driver. They can Blog it, Text it, Facebook it or Twitter it, yet we the farmer who raises the cow and is responsible for the quality of the milk, is prohibited from advertising. That’s the one consistent thing about our government we can always count on, its inconsistency….”

Read it all on “The Renegade Farmer”.

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One response to “Midwest mid-life farm wife blogger asks “Do you know Michael?”

  1. “Hoop number two requires the consumer to bring his own container to the dairy farm.”

    What an incredibly stupid rule! Who do we want to be responsible for any disease outbreaks that occur? This looks like an open invitation for some health authority zealot to bring containers that have been spiked with pathogens, in order to shut a place down!

    We are very careful about disinfecting our re-usable glass bottles, and we refuse to put it in someone else’s container. I know our milk is good going out the door; I don’t know it’s good when it’s gone in someone else’s bottle.

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