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Rebel Rebel — preparing their future

At the Blue Bus:

Thanks to Elise for sending us a photo of this charming duo.

And at the Queen’s Park rally yesterday afternoon: Continue reading

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Is soy diet for prisoners “cruel and unusual”? Judge gives green light to lawsuit in prisoners’ soy diet case

From Kimberly Hartke at the Weston A. Price Foundation:

WASHINGTON, DC. October 25, 2011.  Honorable Judge Harold Baker of the United States District Court for the central district of Illinois has ruled that litigation challenging the use of soy foods in Illinois prisons will go forward. In his September 9, 2011 ruling, Judge Baker denied motions by the State and Wexford Health Sources for a summary judgment in their favor, thus bringing the case closer to trial. The ruling emphasized the importance of scientific and medical testimony at the trial. Continue reading


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Food choice and the right to eat

From Wendy McElroy, on Troy Media:

The Great Canadian Poutine Caper

The granny state? Image from an advertisement for fries.

TORONTO, ON, Oct. 24, 2011/Troy Media/ – The headline said it all: “Hot dogs and poutine stage comeback after Quebec rink’s fans revolt.”

The story revolved around the town of Lac-Etchemin, Quebec, which prided itself on being the first Canadian municipality to ban ‘unhealthy’ food from its arena. “Now, in an admission that paninis are outmatched against poutine, the town council has lifted the ban and French fries will return before the end of the month,” the story read. Continue reading

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Newspaper endorses raw milk rights

From the Belleville Intelligencer:



Continue reading


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Growing support for Michael Schmidt’s responsible food freedom campaign from folks in the Ottawa area

Thanks to Ingrid for passing this on to The Bovine:

George Wright and helpers at the Landsdowne farmers' market in Ottawa

Ingrid, thanks for the work you are doing. Please pass on a picture that was taken of us at the largest market in ottawa, the Lansdowne farmers’ market. Lots of “thumbs up” from passer bys and customers. Continue reading


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Farmer Michael Schmidt’s message to supporters for day 25 of the hunger strike for responsible food freedom

Raw milk rally today, Tuesday October 25, 1 p.m. at Queen’s Park, Toronto, to encourage Premier McGuinty to talk to Michael Schmidt.  For full details, see this post on The Bovine.


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David Gumpert on Michael Schmidt’s contribution to food rights movement

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt is in day 26 of a hunger strike for responsible food freedom

“As he enters the fourth week of a hunger strike, Michael Schmidt’s life still hangs in the balance.

This from Jon, a Canadian organizer:  “Spent an awe-inspiring afternoon with Michael & Elisa and other campaigners today. He’s doing well. Tired, but well. We taped a little videomessage for all his supporters which should be online tomorrow and there are a LOAD of things in the pipeline for this week. Watch this space – we’re hard at work and will have more to share later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks all and keep up the fight!” Continue reading


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Readers write their politicians, part 6

To the best of our knowledge, Premier McGuinty has so far made no move to meet with Michael Schmidt to talk about raw milk, and so it’s no wonder that more and more people feel moved to put pen to paper to tell him and other politicians just how they feel about the whole situation. When you write, please send us a copy at thebovine AT gmx DOT com. Thanks!

Dear Premier McGuinty,

I have followed Michael Schmidt’s case for few years now and was very disapointed by the outcome of the appeal and I was very surprised that no officials have been willing to talk about the raw milk issue with him.

I had to move out of Ontario two years ago because of work, but half of my family still lives there and I am hoping to go back in a few years. When I do go back, I am hoping to find a province that does not try to make it harder to find good quality local eggs, meat and dairy, but that encourages small farmers to thrive. Small farms are what our country was built upon and going back to them is not to go backward, but actually forward to a more sustainable agriculture. Continue reading


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