David Gumpert on Michael Schmidt’s contribution to food rights movement

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt is in day 26 of a hunger strike for responsible food freedom

“As he enters the fourth week of a hunger strike, Michael Schmidt’s life still hangs in the balance.

This from Jon, a Canadian organizer:  “Spent an awe-inspiring afternoon with Michael & Elisa and other campaigners today. He’s doing well. Tired, but well. We taped a little videomessage for all his supporters which should be online tomorrow and there are a LOAD of things in the pipeline for this week. Watch this space – we’re hard at work and will have more to share later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks all and keep up the fight!”

No matter how the Michael Schmidt affair ends, it will no doubt mark an important turning point in the food rights movement. And that is exactly as Schmidt would want it.

Here are five of its accomplishments thus far:

1. It has educated thousands of people about the realities of food rights–that we aren’t necessarily the final arbiters of what goes into our bodies, and that public health and elected authorities aren’t interested in correcting the situation. If a dairy farmer with hundreds of eager consumer share owners can’t get a single individual in a position of authority to engage him on safety issues in 17 years of trying, you know something is wrong. And if, after starving himself, those same individuals are still unwilling to talk, well, you begin to realize how high they see the stakes. You understand that Schmidt could have spent several lifetimes just hanging around being polite seeking out someone to speak with him.

2. It has radicalized thousands. Once you realize the authorities are willing to let people die to maintain the existing system, your perspective changes. You don’t have to look very far to see how upset people have become about the Michael Schmidt sacrifice. Mark McAfee pointed out in a comment on this blog how he had lost his appetite. I had a similar reaction. One woman on the “Support Michael Schmidt” Facebook page stated: “All of this is making me so emotionally exhausted! But, I am NOT complaining, what Michael and his family are going through must be unimaginable!”

3. It has elevated the issue of food rights to a new level. No longer will food rights simply be about accessing raw milk. Increasingly, it will be seen for what it is–the right of each individual to decide what foods should go into their bodies…and which should not. For a long time, I felt as if I was the only one writing regularly about this issue. It’s gratifying to see a variety of bloggers, and even establishment media, taking note. …”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.


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5 responses to “David Gumpert on Michael Schmidt’s contribution to food rights movement

  1. james fagan

    i do not believe schmidt is not eating,this is act to gain support.how people can be fouled,next he will be telling u he is going to commit suicide all for the cause.when the fact is for his financal gain ,the sad part is that gov. has allowed him to do it for over 15teen years,so how do u stop it now.it is like entainment for them at the expenseof others,if raw milk was such a public risk why do they allow him andothers to do it

  2. jhoe

    i disagree ,the law is in place, raw milk is illegal just like illegal drugs and people still sell them.This issue is all about the law

  3. Baldys wife

    James you say,”i do not believe schmidt is not eating,this is act to gain support.”Believe you me this is no act.Michael is not eating and is willing to die so we will wake up. If you met this man your attitude would me changed very quickly. I am pleased so many do get it. There is a real ground swell of understanding which michael has awakened in all of us. We can never go back, our lives have been indeed changed forever. I wish this for you also .

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