Farmer Michael Schmidt is now 28 days into his hunger strike for food freedom


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6 responses to “Farmer Michael Schmidt is now 28 days into his hunger strike for food freedom

  1. james

    Go to this link This is a law school.. The reason people get into trouble is because they do not know the law.. You most likely have a license, maybe your a corporation, maybe you are dealing publicly instead of privately in your contracts. You see private business is not regulated by government, public business is. If I do a private transaction with my neighbor and contract with him privately, (that mean privately) as in no bank account,check,credit card. As in you do not do any business with a paper trail. You do not open your door to the public, That mean by invitation only. You can not advertise to the public either. You must be the one to be asked first to contract, Then you right the contract terms. You even could put in the terms of the contract this person can not be a police man or any other government under cover agent. In other word divorce your self from all government state contracts and you will not be under their control. You see the state came to you gave a benefit of some kind and then put conditions on you.. It was a trap you see. I hope this helps you my friend..

  2. Robin

    I am an American citizen, and yet Michael Schmidt’s fight for justice is important to me, also. It’s horrible that there isn’t a dialogue taking place. How can McGuinty even sleep at night? He must know that his stubborn refusal to have a dialogue is endangering the life of Michael Schmidt.

  3. james

    Remember to stay out of (all) public dealings with your farm. Go 100% private and keep it private. The government is not your friend and the insurance companies either.. They put you in to ( Admiralty / Maritime law/ with insurance, mortgages, licenses, franchises and so on. Remember there was a time when two people did a deal with out the government baby sitting them. This was called the (Common law).. When you go to your state run school they do not teach this Common Law because then they would not have all this power over the citizen. The student is being taught how to enslave himself over to the state and believe he’s doing the correct thing. It’s very sad really but it works like a shot.

  4. Preston

    Well said James. Unfortunately, as I have personally experienced, private contracting will not always stop some government peon from doing everything possible to make your life miserable by trying to ensnare you to gain jurisdiction over you, because they themselves do not understand the limitations on their authority. By compartmentalizing information, these government agents are basically doing what their bosses tell them to do without regard for the law.

    • James

      This is and argument I put together on a post today. This person stated in Canada, if you border or trade, Canada can tax it. Heres my reply to him.

      First it is not a crime or tax evasion. Lets say 1 man takes the money of 4 people and goes to the store to buy a roast for dinner. That night the four people all sit down to eat the roast. Are you going to tax the people sitting at the table for eating? What if one of them eats twice as much as the other 3, or you going to tax him for that? What if one person does all the dishes, are you going to tax the other 3 for not cleaning up? What if a 5th person shows up at the last second and agrees to take out the trash so he can eat too? Are you going to tax the 5th person because they got a place at the table just for taking out the trash? These people have a private agreement between them. They all own the cow together. There is no tax evasion on a closed loop anymore than a father giving his son a silver coin with the understanding that he will use the money to drink milk that day. He make a contract with his son to have life, and milk gives you life so it should be argued that this is a God given right and not a man made privilege.. All contracts are verbal contacts first, the paper is just the best evidence of one. These people are not buying the milk,they already own the milk! What they are doing is giving it over to one party member to get supplies,do the clean up, prepare the milk, set the cow and so on. This first party is not an employee and the other 3 party members are not customers. They are all owners, no sell was made so there is no sells tax and it was never in the stream of commerce.

      If some government peon comes to my place, I’ll kindly ask him to leave, but first I’ll give him an ear full about the constitution and many other things that might not sit well with him. When I’m finished with him he will be running not walking off the property. If I feel like it I’ll file a restraining order. We have to remember that we are only governed by our consent. That means if they tell you to pure your milk on the ground and you comply, you gave them your consent. The milk is your property so why are you letting some peon order you to dump your property?? If you dump it then they have your consent. You have alienated yourself from your on property and you have no legal recourse to collect damages. This is why these peons trick you into dumping the milk yourself. Who are you going to brake suit against?

  5. Moira

    Just take a look at the Charter Section 32 to see that it only applies to public servants:
    Application of Charter

    32. (1) This Charter applies

    (a) to the Parliament and government of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all matters relating to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories; and

    (b) to the legislature and government of each province in respect of all matters within the authority of the legislature of each province.

    So, it doesn’t apply to living private men and women. Only to fictions. Perhaps that could prove useful. Also, if the people buying raw milk from you “dedicate” their purchases to you and you alone, this may be protected by case law somehow someway. No one can own the right to consume milk. Just some thoughts.

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