News flash: Bipartisan group at Queen’s Park, including Randy Hillier and Greg Sorbara, working on raw milk solution

From Charlott VanGenechten, on the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook group:

Demonstrator at last Tuesday's Queen's Park rally. The message may actually be getting through!

“IMPORTANT!!! This just came in. A bipartisan group started by Randy Hillier and Greg Sorbara has been formed to pressure Premier McGinty into talking to Michael Schmidt.

The meeting should potentially be next week. DONT RELENT IN YOUR EFFORTS!!! Continue to rock the milk can!”

You can be we’ll be watching the situation closely over the next week.

Next Tuesday Michael is scheduled to speak at the Raw Milk Freedom Riders rally in Maryland, and on Wednesday he’ll be in Vancouver to face contempt of court charges related to the “Our Cows” cowshare farm, of which he is the agister.


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8 responses to “News flash: Bipartisan group at Queen’s Park, including Randy Hillier and Greg Sorbara, working on raw milk solution

  1. ADHD

    It’s not only a question of food rights: it’s also relative to our basic freedoms (especially relative to basic health!!). It seems as if these governments feel that they know everything there is to know about everything of importance for everybody.

    Such an attitude is exactly what before long will lead to ALL human beings being forced to wear (embedded in their skin on either the forehead or the right hand) a computer microchip which WILL be “the Mark of the Beast” of Revelation 13 – which we MUST fight and refuse, lest otherwise the dictatorship not only be total but also that we lose every last vestige of privacy!!!!

  2. SA

    I have just got back from Queen’s Park. I went down after teaching this afternoon, and took two letters that I had written him earlier today. I went in and asked to meet with him. My request was not granted at that time, however I spoke to one of his assistants/secretaries over the courtesy phone.
    She sounded kind. I told her that my family was long time friends of Michael and his family. I told her that I was worried; very, very worried about Michael and for his family. He is on day 28 of his hunger strike.
    I told her that, simply and most fundamentally, out of compassion and from a humanitarian perspective, that Dalton should speak with Michael, that a talk would end the hunger strike…..( that I certainly would talk with someone, even someone I didn’t like or disagreed with, if I knew it could help to save his life).
    I also appealed to her from a political perspective, to also pass along the message to Mr, McGuinty, that if Michael were to die from the hunger strike just because the Premier would not converse with him, would not take the time to hold a conversation……that the headlines in the paper could be damaging to the Premier’s political career, and to the party for not encouraging him to dialogue. Imagine: “Farmer dies because Premier refuses to grant time to simply dialogue.”
    We are not requiring changes in legislation to end the hunger strike. We are talking conversation.
    In the end, I handed my two letters into the mail room, and hand-wrote,yet another. The mail/security clerk was kind and helpful. My third letter requested a personal interview with Mr. McGuinty, for only 10 minutes as soon as possible; and better yet if he could meet with Michael instead of me.
    Truthfully, I am worried for Michael. I pray that McGuinty will have the heart and mind to contact him and have a chat.

    Saturday or Sunday, are good days to talk… it doesn’t have to be a week day. How long can a person last without food? We are at day 28,

    Thanks for all the work and efforts everyone is doing for this cause.

    With strength and love,
    Shirley Ann Wood

    • I am very thankful to you, Shirley for taking the time to go down to Premier McGuinty’s office and state your request and plea. Even though I don’t know Michael personally , as you do, something has sparked a clear message that this man’s conviction strikes a cord in every freedom loving person who understands the sovereignty of every human being.
      In my view Michael has become the Ghandi of the Food Freedom movement.

    • Lois Banks

      Hi Shirley Ann, This is a wonderful letter and right to the core of the issue.
      We’re just wanting to dialogue. Long live Michael Schmidt and Premier McGuinty. Lois Banks

  3. Marietta Pellicano

    Thank You Shirley Ann Wood. I pray your efforts will be fruitful. There are those of us in the ‘lower 48’ who may not know Michael personally, but we do know that we want him to live because we need him regarding all these issues of food freedom, raw milk access, ect. Do you think we could organize a food fast relay? It was suggested on David Gumpert’s blog by Mark McAffee, our premier raw dairy farmer here in California, USA. I would fast 3 days each month for the rest of my life if it would break Michael’s fast and we could keep him here among the living. His work is not yet over here, but I do so respect his purpose, and yield to his temperance. God Bless Michael and his family and all his friends/associates during this very dark time.

  4. jhoe

    Did i just read michael has made a full recoveryand his going ontour next week,but he was to sick to attend the queens park sit in .Raw raw looks like he has fooled us all ,but remember send more money.Ito have been on a hunger strike for 150 days ,feel great.

  5. SA

    Good morning jhoe,
    I would like to help you out on your perspective. Michael has not been asking for money personally. Any funds requested have been for the Canadian Constitutional Foundation, the legal organization representing him. The CCF is a is a registered charity, independent and non-partisan. Please go to their website for more information.
    Yes, I too have wondered about Michael’s engagements next week. We will have to wait and see. His name is on the docket to speak, however I am sure if he is not able to go, there will be a substitute speaker. In Vancouver, I am sure his legal representative will represent him if need be.
    You mentioned that he was not at the rally at Queen’s Park last week. Neither the farm, nor Michael initiated that gathering. It was initiated by an individual, a regular joe, someone just like yourself. That regular joe held a rally with other supporters to ask McGuinty to meet with Michael.
    I hope this helps you out a bit.
    Take care,

  6. Please everyone, sign this petition. Let’s get 10,000 signatures by Monday when Dalton goes back to work.

    Today is also the money bomb day. I just donated to help farmer Michael Schmidt’s Legal Defense. This is a fundraising effort to help him in his struggle against the powerful Health Canada and the Milk Marketing Board. Join us!

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