Dr Hazel Lynn: Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike is “not a rational way of dealing with the problem”

From Tracey Richardson in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Dr. Hazel Lynn, chief medical officer of health at the Grey Bruce Health Unit

“The Grey Bruce Health Unit is expecting to hear any day now official word on how it’s going to proceed on new charges against Durham-area raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt.

Schmidt distributed milk at a public rally outside the health unit building early in October. Later tests indicated it was unpasteurized.

Health unit lawyers and provincial lawyers have been considering how best to proceed “to stop this blatant breaking of the law,” said medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn….”

Read it all in the Owen Sound Sun Times.

In other words, her challenge is that she’s dealing with a crazy person!


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13 responses to “Dr Hazel Lynn: Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike is “not a rational way of dealing with the problem”

  1. thebovine

    From a Facebook comment about this story (on the Support Michael Schmidt page, now with 4578 members:

    “Kevin McGruther: Hazel Lynn does not appear rational to me. Introducing rational and scientific understanding into the law would be a good beginning to bolster her case for championing the cause of rationality.

    I wonder if Dr. Hazel Lynn has a cure for chronic pain that does not involve radical surgical or pharmaceutical intervention. Generally there is no known medical intervention cure for chronic pain, there are only remedies such as pharmaceuticals or surgery. Having personally suffered from chronic pain and having greatly alleviated it by adopting a diet rich in raw milk as well as other accountable and professionally produced food items I have found cure via diet change, diet that intentionally incorporates raw milk and dairy products. How is it rational or scientific for Dr. Hazel Lynn to back a law that would prevent similar assistance to Canadian citizens? I can empathize with Michael Schmidt because if I knew that I could have access to a health improving product and was actively prevented access by incompetent government or medical officials I would not want to live in that state either. The government of the United States through the FDA has begun a campaign to criminalize raw milk sales in this country as well. Nothing will make an individual want to end their lives more than chronic pain except perhaps a militantly ignorant government that would enforce chronic pain upon its citizenry.

  2. For some reason the links you posted weren’t working for me. In case taht is true for anyone else, here’s what she said directly.

    “Everybody has choices,” Lynn said when asked to comment on Schmidt’s hunger strike.

    “He is breaking the law, he knows he’s breaking the law, he does it purposely and then he goes on a hunger strike so he can continue to break the law? Come on now. This is not a rational way of dealing with a problem.”


    My opinion is that those with an extreme lack of beneficial probiotics and enzymes are the ones who are insane, as well as paranoid and obsessive compulsive, overly attached to rules, unable to think for themselves or outside of a box…need I go on? Actually I have: http://www.helladelicious.com/blog/2011/10/oh-mcguinty-are-you-stupid-enough-to-make-a-martyr-of-canadas-beloved-dairy-farmer/

    There is even a machine–the BactoScan that will immediately tell you what bacteria are in your milk. http://www.foss.dk/industry-solution/products/bactoscan It’s really not that hard to meet Michael’s requests.

    My feeling is that people like this are traitors to humanity, they are controlled by dangerous parasites that cause violent behavior and beliefs. They need to be removed from their positions of authority immediately. They are no longer making sense.

  3. BC Food Security

    Dear Dr. Hazel Lynn :

    (Your Goverment’s) Threats are an animalistic way to deal with the problem .
    Courts are a human way to deal with the problem.
    Dialog is the HUMANE way to deal with the problem.
    Tolerance is the DIVINE way to deal with the problem

    Which one will it be this time ?
    Or will it be the “same old same old” once again ?

  4. Karen

    So ignoring repeated requests for discussion IS rational? And a headache is a symptom of a Tylenol deficiency, right?

  5. Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike is “not a rational way of dealing with the problem.”

    And banning a food because it “may contain pathogens” is rational? I would wager that most kitchen countertops “may contain pathogens” — why isn’t the Grey Bruce Health Unit going after them?

    George Orwell is rolling in his grave. You should be ashamed, Dr. Hazel Lynn. What happened to “first, do no harm?” Or did someone slip you a “hypocritic” oath instead? Shame on you, Dr. Lynn! You are the one who is irrational, in your baseless, unquestioned belief that authority and control trumps liberty and freedom.

  6. Section 17 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) already says: “No person shall sell…any food that is unfit for human consumption by reason of disease, adulteration, impurity or otherwise.”

    This is sufficient to prevent Michael Schmidt or anyone else from selling unsafe milk.

    There is no need whatsoever for section 18 of the HPPA, which outlaws the sale of unpasteurized milk. Section 18 is overkill. It outlaws the sale of both contaminated milk and healthful milk. There is no need to target contaminated milk because it is already covered under section 17. There is no need to target healthful milk because…well, because it is healthful!

    What’s irrational is the law, not Michael Schmidt.

    It’s also irrational for persons in authority, like Ms. Lynn, to fight Michael Schmidt for 17 years instead of sitting down for a dialogue with him to learn how other countries safely accommodate consumers who desire raw milk.

  7. Beverley Viljakainen

    I was going to comment on the ‘rational’ lady’s recent take on things, but your previous comments have said it all! Thank you for speaking to power. How does a medical doctor sworn to do no harm end up as an envorcer? Perhaps we should ensure that she receives these excellent comments directly, hmmmm?
    Dr. Hazel Lynn
    Grey-Bruce Health Unit
    101 17th Street East
    Owen Sound ON N4K 0A5
    1-800-263-3456; 519-376-9420
    Fax: 519-376-5043

  8. Lois Banks

    Does Dr. Lynn think Mahatma Ghandi was irrational? Does she also think that the thousands who stand with Michael (and 100’s of farmers world wide) are irrational- many of them far more educated than she is and knowledgeable on the subject of drinking raw milk from healthy cows?
    Does Dr. Lynn think it’s rational to drug sick dairy cows who’s life span is only about two years and who suffer?
    Does Dr. Lynn think it’s irrational for the Queen of England to drink raw milk
    from her healthy herd?
    Does Dr. Lynn also think it’s irrational not to dialogue on this matter?
    Freedom of Choice is not irrational. Animal rights and freedoms are not irrational.

  9. nedlud

    ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’

    Upton Sinclair

    Create a standard money system (value system, potent symbols in lieu of truth) and make people conform through ‘education’, starting in infancy, and you rule the world and can get away with any crime, any torture, any bizarre act of inhumanity, no matter how horrific and repetitive. Because you have established an unbreakable chain of command with dependent mindless drones (but educated!) masquerading as humans, who will defend you ’til the end.

    -the end-

  10. SA

    Is it rational not to have a conversation with a person, when you know that conversation could save their life? Only a conversation!
    Does it matter if you like/dislike or agree/disagree with that person? Would you not talk to that person?
    Is it rational leadership not to grant an interview? Is that compassion and understanding?
    No it is not. (I thought I should answer my own questions, to ensure I would have a rational and compassionate conclusion to them,)
    Dr. Lynn, would you not simply talk with someone, if that would end their hunger strike? Would a doctor not do that? Even if the doctor thought the individual was sane or not. I certainly hope you don’t treat anyone I know who would have physical or mental health conditions. I question your sanity, as your own statistics do not support your public statements regarding food safety. I question your personal ethics. I question who or what is in control.

  11. MT

    Is it rational to order 20some armed officers to raid a small farm owned by someone who has never done harm to anyone but let big corporations get away with murder?
    Is it rational to drag that same person through the courts for years?
    Is it rational to refuse repeated offers to do joint research in order to make available food that is medicine to many?
    Is it rational to reject a legislative proposal to look at a law that is many years old and might be outdated?
    Is it rational to legally allow the sale and distribution of substances with scientifically proven detrimental health effects?
    Is it rational for any health official to just stand by and watch while this is going on?
    . . .
    Oh Great Spirit,
    Grant that I may never find fault with my neighbour until I have walked in the trail of life in his moccasins.

  12. my choice

    I have much empathy for dear Hazel Lynn and Chris Munn. Aren’t they amazing people! and such weight on their shoulders! Imagine taking money and elevating yourself to important status. To take on the job of telling the ignorant subjects they are programed to feel responsible for to be cautious, and dictate what they should eat and how they should think and better be afraid too!. You can just feel and hear their fear of the “unknown”. They don’t have a clue what milk even should taste like or what it was given for and why the cow, human, etc even has milk.

    Ignorance breeds ignorance. All a “degree” does for the educated person is prove you have learned someone elses ignorances and are now have a license to kill. How pompous to need to have verification from their “peers” scientists as the only source of intelligence or believable information. Most robots don’t feel or think are programmed. Yet these look and talk like a real human. Did they not have a mother with breasts? Did they not get breast fed fresh raw milk? Before spouting off about things they know not, at least take time to try or educate yourself so you just might be believable. I feel sorry for them they are afraid of our creator or what is right. Their actions say no one can choose. If no one is sick back off! They must be afraid of losing their high paid status also to utter such ignorant nonscense. Mr Munn on the Owen Sound radio sounded so uninformed even as to what processes goes on with the milk he promotes. Most people listening to many stages, filtering, adding vit d back in, etc would wonder how they could even call it milk anymore. Lets at least compare apples to apples. Good job Mz medical officer of health. No I am not impressed. To put others down to elevate self one day you too will be judged

  13. Dear Dr. Lynn,
    What would you propose as being a rational way that Michael Schmidt could deal with the problem when every senior government decision maker refuses even to talk to Michael? Instead they just raid his farm, drag him through court and try to put him out of business rather than admit there are two kinds of raw milk, not just the one you need to pasteurize to make potable.

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