Interview with Michael Schmidt on day 29 of his hunger strike for food freedom

Michael interviews Michael:

Michael Schmidt on October 11th, before he lost 30+ pounds on a hunger strike.

M: Let me begin with the question everybody is asking and wanting to know; How are you?

Michael: I am surprised how long a body can go without physical nourishment. I am surprised that I am still able to do certain things at the farm. At the same time I begin to realize that I have reached my limit. My body is not coping anymore.

M. Are you seeing a doctor?

Michael: Yes I do, I am in fact with two doctors who are very concerned and trying to help at least with monitoring the situation. The biggest concern is, that apparently I had a mild heart attack sometime in the last 6 months and that does not help in my current condition.

M. Are you worried?

Michael: I said it before: I am not worried about me, I am worried about my family and the farm in case we cannot get this current stalemate resolved.

M. Let me ask you straight forward; why are you so determined to continue your hunger strike considering the risk that Dalton McGuinty might ignore your request.

Michael: One needs to understand that I did not enter this hunger strike to wiggle out when things do not go my way. I made a very conscious decision. The request to meet the Premier in order to start a dialogue at the top, is not too much to ask. 17 years of trying to enter into a serious dialogue with all parties concerned has resulted in nothing. Instead we had repeated raids, many many charges and court proceedings, as we speak they continue to this day to accumulate, and the Government keeps issuing press statements how dangerous and fatal the consumption of raw milk is. This is a stand off which is very serious and will have tremendous consequences across North America if the Premier ignores this simple request. This is not a political power play , or a publicity stunt. This is about our small farmers, about people who need healthy food, and parents who care about their children.

M: Why do you say North America?

Michael: Freedom of Choice as it relates to food is becoming a major issue across this Continent. What happens in Canada happens also in the United States. During my travels, in the last 5 years I have seen devastated families, crying mothers, helpless farmers and ruined farms as a result of these violent attacks. This is as urgent south of the border as it is here. I do not think that the majority of people and politicians have yet grasped the enormity of this situation. Farmers are slaves once again, full of fear and have no means to defend themselves if Government decides to take them down only because they do not conform. It is heartbreaking to say the least.

M: Are we looking here at another 1% reality?

Michael: Indeed we do. If you consider that not even 100 years ago 70% percent of the population was actively involved in farming. Today it is less than 2 percent with no vision or option left. Those who look at new models like cow sharing are raided, prosecuted, threatened and bankrupted. All they try to do is, to provide food people want to eat.

M. You are leaving on Monday to go to Washington and then to Vancouver? Are you able to endure this stress under you current condition?

Michael: I made a commitment to my friends which I hopefully can keep. They asked me to speak at a major raw milk rally at the FDA headquarter close to Washington. Mothers with children will cross state lines with raw milk which is illegal in order to expose these draconian anti raw milk laws. The FDA has been more and more in the forefront to take down non conforming farmers. With Vancouver I had no choice, because of the contempt of court charges regarding my involvement in the cow share operation in Chilliwack BC. As well there will be a major raw milk rally on November 2. How will I manage this? I wonder myself, will see. Sometimes there are other forces at work supporting your body.

M. Your situation has effected a lot of people. You helped other farmers to start very successful cow share operations in Ontario, you had at least four cow share colleges and the demand for raw milk keeps increasing. Are you a danger to the dairy industry?

Michael: Let me make a very important point right now. I had no intent in 1994 when we got raided the first time, to work outside the current system of supply management. I met with the Milk Marketing Board, I proposed to the different Ministers in charge to adopt the British model of a dual quota system where farmers and consumers have a choice to either produce or consume raw milk or pasteurized milk. My opinion has since then changed drastically; supply management was good and may be necessary but has in it’s current form outlived it’s purpose. It has become almost an elite club which turns farmers against farmers.

Yes they are very afraid of that their industry is on the way out as result of my continued stand on food freedom. It is sad how much misinformation about my intentions is spread and I have to say that they act too often in a very underhanded way to protect their turf. In reality we are no danger to them at all. Those who seek raw milk have given up drinking pasteurized milk long ago. They are part of the yearly loss in milk consumption as reported by many industry statistics. The dairy industry is it’s own enemy and in fact helps building the raw milk demand. I wonder if they are afraid that people might find out the truth about conventionally produced and processed dairy products.

M. Let’s get back to the core question. What will make you stop your hunger strike?

Michael: As I said the window of opportunity is closing more and more, but the chance for true miracles is there when you are open for it. I have to meet with Dalton McGuinty to start the dialogue in order to stop my hunger strike.

The are four scenarios as I see them at this moment;

1. Dalton McGuinty forgets his political chess game and agrees to a face to face meeting. I will gladly walk into his office for a meeting on a very personal level with an attempt to listen and understand each other. I am calling this “breaking down unnecessary barriers” for a better understanding.

2. Dalton McGuinty keeps listening to his advisers and waits until finally after weeks and weeks of increasing public pressure he agrees. I will be likely by then in a wheel chair because of the lengthy hunger strike. Not too late.

3. Dalton McGuinty will not act until he finally begins to understand that I am serious. He will then have to come to the farm to meet because I am to weak to travel.

4. Dalton McGuinty will choose death instead of dialogue.

M. Are you hopeful?

Michael: I am always hopeful, because I have great trust that the humanity in every person will reveal itself when challenged with grace, respect and love. McGuinty has a huge responsibility leading the Province of Ontario, but he also is a caring human being. I know that, because I met him before he became Premier and he told me so.

M. Stay strong

Michael: I will, knowing that thousands of people watching ,caring, worrying and praying for a good outcome. I always believe in the ultimate goodness of every person.


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17 responses to “Interview with Michael Schmidt on day 29 of his hunger strike for food freedom

  1. SA

    Hi Michael,
    I am very worried for you and your family. I wrote Mr. McGuinty a short email today and offered to drive him up to the farm myself. I told him it is a beautiful time of year to go up to the farm for a visit and a chat. I took the liberty to say that he could have a farm-lunch if he chose, and a tour of the farm.
    I am just a single person though, a regular citizen…but like many others I care.
    With support, good thoughts and hope,
    Shirley Ann

  2. Gretna Maggiacomo

    Dear Michael, I am behind you, loving regards, Gretna

  3. Michael, thank you for doing this interview, there are so many supporters out there who care very much about this cause and about you personally! It is wonderful to hear in your own words how you are and what is happening. You are a true freedom fighter and we need you in this fight! We are all rallying behind you and support you and your efforts all the way! Let’s hope you get that meeting with Mr. McGuinty on Monday! Have a happy, healthy and safe weekend. Love, Jenn Campus

  4. Summer

    Thinking of you and your family every day! Doing our best to support you from California. God bless you.

  5. Bless you Michael and your family! ❤

  6. Anna

    Michael, you are an incredible fighter and a very brave man, I am praying for you, for strength and for your family and for reason to prevail.
    I hope to God that we win this.

  7. John Mills

    I support your efforts Michael. Please be careful.

  8. Kathleen

    I am wondering of the school teachers could campaign to help this cause though educating their students by the hundreds, it would be great experiential learning if they visit the farm, interview Michael (take on reporter & politicians jobs) train as Agents of Change to increase politicians sensitivities toward peaceful human citizen activists like Michael.

  9. Michael, I greatly admire your dedication and principles and I completely support your efforts. However, your health and continued efforts are very valuable to all of us. I recommend that you switch to a raw milk fast to regain and maintain your health and to demonstrate how raw milk is a complete and healthy food. I would challenge dead commercial milk supporters to take on a milk fast with their dead and devitalized commercial milk that is supposedly fully equivalent nutritionally to raw milk to see if it sustains their health as raw milk does. If they are so confident that commercial dead milk is as healthy as raw milk then they should have no problem taking on this challenge. If they are unwilling to accept this challenge, it will help to confirm that they do not really believe what they are saying. I wish you the best of luck in your continued efforts to help protect our right to healthy farm foods like our ancestors consumed.

    • Chloe

      That is a fantastic idea!! That’s their biggest claim that by cooking the milk it is not only made safe for consumption but that is has the same nutritional qualities. What a lie! Plus, if it does have the same nutritional qualities why do they have to add Vitamin A and D to their milk? hmmmmmm

  10. Dear Micheal, I agree 100% with the poster who suggests that you start on a raw milk only diet! We DO NOT want you to suffer or damage yourself for this. Please, drink your milk!!!! Good luck, we support you, and all you are doing to help US!

  11. hsmom

    Bryan – that is a great idea.

  12. Dear Michael, I am behind you 100%. Thank you for your courage and commitment. I hope that when my times comes to stand up for our rights in a meaningful way, I have an ounce of your courage. May the Source be with you!

  13. My letter to McGuinty:

    Dear Mr. McGuinty,

    Please meet with Michael Schmidt and begin a dialogue about raw milk. Learn the truth.

    Raw milk will not remain legal because you can’t arrest us all. We are human beings, we have the right to eat and drink foods we desire in spite of what a dairy board or regulator says.

    Besides, we know their true motives are profits and not people.

    Listen to your heart and you will know what to do.

    Best regards,
    Sally O’Boyle

    “The future depends on what we do in the present.” Mahatma Gandhi

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