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Some sympathy for the medical officer of health and her challenging task

From farmer Michael Schmidt:

L-R: Former medical officer of health, Dr. Murray McQuigge, and his successor, Dr. Hazel Lynn

The challenging task of the office of chief medical officer of Health in Owen Sound

I like to respond to the recent article in the Owen Sound Sun Times about the consideration to charge me once again in regards to a public protest, where apparently raw milk was distributed.

The relationship with both chief medical officers of “health” have been for strange reasons aggressive and spiteful. Continue reading


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Readers write their politicians, part 11

It may be Sunday, the day of rest, but still people are writing to their politicians, concerned that a farmer might die because our elected representative, Premier McGuinty, won’t yet agree to meet with him and listen to his concerns about matters affecting the public good. But there’s some hope on the horizon with the formation of a committee of MPPs committed to encouraging McGuinty to make that move. Copy the Bovine on any further correspondence please: theBovine AT gmx DOT com

To: gsorbara.mpp@liberal.ola.org

Dear Greg [Sorbara],

Thank you so much for being part of the group that is conveying the urgency of the Michael Schmidt situation to Dalton McGuinty. Although the issue of raw milk is no doubt not a huge political topic in most circles, it will be a blight on Dalton’s reputation as a person of  integrity if Michael Schmidt dies on account of this fast. In my workplace, I have met several people who have expressed a keen interest in being able to acquire raw milk. In other words, there are people who care about this, who maybe at this point are not writing letters about the raw milk issue, but who will certainly be horrified if they hear that Michael Schmidt died on account of a hunger strike while waiting to speak to the Premier of Ontario. Continue reading

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