All illegal in interstate commerce: loaded guns, prostitutes, raw milk

From the Good Food 4 All blog:

Photo illustration found on the interwebz

“It’s  illegal to take loaded firearms and  prostitutes across state lines! My sister reminded me of these laws as we spoke tonight on the telephone.  Yet, on Tuesday November 1st, a group of Moms, known as the Raw Milk Freedom Riders will break the law and transport RAW MILK ACROSS STATE LINES, which is illegal.

They’ll start in Pennsylvania and drive to Maryland with containers of raw milk.  Their destination is the headquarters of the FDA in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Yep – these Moms will be breaking the law, subject to arrest for the transport of raw milk across state lines!

Ridiculous?  You bet!

It gets better.  When they get to the FDA they’ll distribute the milk AND serve COOKIES!!  Aaahhhhh…, just like a Mom, eh? Now – how could anyone arrest a Mom bearing milk and cookies?  The FDA could and probably will, just to save face and show how strong they are.

I’d told my sister about the rally on Tuesday, that it IS illegal to take raw milk from one state to another.  She laughed till she choked but then reminded me that she, too, had transported milk across 5 state lines – from Virginia to New York – a few years ago after visiting here.

We’d stayed for two nights at some farmer friends of mine on our way to go to Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello.  Of course we had raw milk from their Guernsey cow.  My sister remembered how good the raw milk from the farm in upstate New York tasted, and she didn’t hesitate when it was offered to her.  When we were getting ready to leave, Melissa** offered her a  half gallon jar of it to take back home.  Packed in ice, with cold packs around, my sister drove back to New York… a criminal!

The best thing that can be said about this subject is that it gives one an excuse to run goofy photos like this, which was found "somewhere" on the interwebz. I'm sorry I can't credit the "artist" who took this shot. But I'll bet it was posed.

The laws in this country and Canada need to be changed regarding raw milk.  Small farmers on both sides of the border have been targeted by government officials.

Most recently is the story of Canadian dairy farmer, Michael Schmidt, who is now on day 30 of a hunger strike. He’s spent the better part of the past two decades fighting  the Canadian government.  His farm has been raided twice.  When his case finally came to trial, he was aquitted of the charges.  In a case of double jeopardy, though, recently he has been found guilty of those same charges after an appeal by the government and Grey Bruce Health.

Armed farm raids continue.  Federally led attacks on buying clubs, such asRawsome Foods, twice raided by the Feds.  Amish farmers, such as shown in the movie, Farmageddon,  and Pensylvania farmer Dan Allyger’s farm was implicated in the interstate transport of raw milk….”

Read it all on the Good Food 4 All blog.


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4 responses to “All illegal in interstate commerce: loaded guns, prostitutes, raw milk

  1. thebovine

    “It’s illegal to take loaded firearms and prostitutes across state lines!”

    OK, but what if you just bring the prostitutes and NO loaded firearms? Is that legal? Or what if the prostitutes drink the raw milk before they cross the border? Would that work? What if there are no TSA checkpoints at the state border? Good thing there are so many lawyers in America these days!

  2. The things the government chooses to focus on are ridiculous. I think people are smart enough to choose whether or not they want to buy and drink raw milk. Where is the group who is petitioning to have this changed? I will back it up.

  3. OK…, OK… ( 🙂 )I should have worded that a bit differently. It IS an funny story, though.. I’d forgotten that my sister was a ‘criminal’ in taking the milk home with her. We have a good laugh! Your pics you added here are a lot bettern than the ones I used!

    Hey — we’ve GOT to laugh, don’t we?


  4. SA

    Today being Nov 1st,

    go to

    for live coverage of the Freedom Riders Rally

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