CTV on Michael Schmidt in Vancouver

From Ian Monroe at CTV.ca:

Michael Schmidt at a news conference in Thornhill Oct. 11th.

“An Ontario dairy farmer and raw milk activist says he’s lost around 40 lbs, a month after going on a hunger strike. But he’s still hopeful that Premier Dalton McGuinty will agree to meet with him.

In late September, the Ontario Court of Justice found Michael Schmidt guilty of 15 charges related to producing and distributing unpasteurized milk, which is banned in Canada.

While he waits to hear his sentence in the case, Schmidt began a hunger strike in the hopes of being granted a meeting with the newly re-elected Ontario premier.

In a phone interview from his farm south of Owen Sound, Ont., Schmidt said he’s under the supervision of a doctor and is running low on energy.

“I’m doing a few things here on the farm still, but I’m on the verge now to pack it in,” he said Friday, citing problems including shortness of breath.

But he has no plans to abandon his diet of lemon juice and water unless he’s able to “get into a dialogue” with the provincial government — and McGuinty in particular.

“I never said that I would stop until I meet him,” Schmidt said. “No sense going on a hunger strike if you don’t follow through with it.”

Meanwhile his lawyer, Karen Selick, said she has been given instructions to seek an appeal in the case after a sentencing hearing is held Nov. 25.

The province filed charges against the career dairy farmer in 2006 following a raid on his farm, which is run as a co-operative with about 150 members.

Schmidt’s legal woes don’t end there, however. The Grey Bruce Health Unit has said it plans to lay further charges against him, Selick said, after Schmidt allegedly distributed raw milk at a rally near their office two weeks ago.

The activist farmer is also scheduled to appear in a Vancouver court on Nov. 2 in connection with a co-op near Chilliwack, B.C., that had been slapped with an injunction barring it from distributing raw milk. Schmidt faces a contempt of court charge in that case, which carries a possible fine of $55,000….”

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2 responses to “CTV on Michael Schmidt in Vancouver

  1. thebovine

    Of course Michael’s not in Vancouver yet. He’ll be there on the 2nd of Nov.

  2. Aolian

    I joined Michael’s organic raw milk co-op because that’s my ethical choice as a consumer, to support his organic style of farming. No cow tails cut off on this farm, no pesticides, no artificial fertilizer, yet sustainable and productive. Hygiene of his milk room adjoining a milking parlour is cleaner than any I’ve ever seen, far cleaner than a “clean” kitchen. He isn’t commercially promoting or advertising, just supplying his 150 members of the “Cowshare” with topnotch milk, cream, quark, soft and hard cheese (the latter is terrific). No middleman, so costs are kept reasonable. Nice direct partnership of consumers and farmer, all by ETHICAL choice. I grew up on raw milk, on a modern dairy farm, & find it helps my energy and health to obtain it again while in urban life. Our bodies have adapted to this for thousands of years. Some people invest their savings in “ethical” mutual funds, but I prefer to invest my money in ethically produced food, supporting an ethical style of farming, and a decent farmer who deserves my support.

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