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Readers write their politicians, part 13

Letters to the politicians just keep on coming, and no doubt they will continue until this matter is resolved one way or another. Please continue copying your letters to TheBovine AT gmx DOT com. Thanks!

Greetings Dalton McGuinty,,

As a raw milk drinker and resident of Ontario, I very much hope that you will meet with Michael Schmidt to discuss the raw milk issue. Our freedom to choose what we value for our families is one of the reasons people from all over the world wish to make Canada their home.

Let us be progressive and take leadership in encouraging healthy nutrition and ecological farming practices in North America. These are dark times, let us make a step towards accepting healthier ways of caring for land and livestock, healthier ways of feeding ourselves, healthier ways of dealing with our fellow human beings. Continue reading


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Video from Raw Milk Freedom Riders rally underway right now at the FDA

Click image to go to page to view video.

Another short video, this one including Michael Schmidt, at the FDA rally.


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Raw milk as a “motherhood” issue; Raw Milk Freedom Riders TODAY at FDA

From Farm to Consumer Legal Defense:

47 Minutes ago at FDA headquarters. Via Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page.

On November 1, a group of mothers who feed their children raw milk and others who oppose the FDA’s enforcement actions against the distribution of raw dairy products will hold a demonstration outside the agency’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. The rally will protest against the criminalization of Americans who buy and sell raw milk. Prior to the demonstration, a caravan of raw milk moms will defy a federal ban on raw milk in interstate commerce and cross into Maryland with each vehicle carrying raw milk obtained in Pennsylvania. The sale of raw milk is legal in Pennsylvania but illegal in Maryland. Those making the trip are calling themselves the “Raw Milk Freedom Riders”. Continue reading


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