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Raw milk rally today in Vancouver with Michael Schmidt and Alice Jongerden

Pictures of today’s rally in Vancouver from Tirra Del Giudice:

Michael Schmidt with rally participants in Vancouver today.

What Tirra posted on Facebook:

“Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for all you wonderful messages! 🙂 Definitely heart warming on a day like today 🙂 I will respond to you all tomorrow – just got back from the rally & am running out the door for our milk pick up & then off to see Michael at our town hall meeting & potluck tonight. Wow – it’s a Milk-er-ific day today!!! Continue reading


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Pam Killeen tells the Michael Schmidt story on Liberation Wellness channel

Watch the video on the Liberation Wellness website:

Click image to go to Liberation Wellness website.

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FDA policy prompts moms to defend their freedom to transport raw milk across state borders

From Kimberly Hartke on her “Hartke is Online” blog:

Toast to raw milk freedom. Photo from Kimberly Hartke. Click to read her post.

“Mothers whose milk supply is being threatened by the Food and Drug Administration, a powerful government agency, decided to, at great personal risk, violate an unjust law. For over a month, Farm Food Freedom Coalition planned their Raw Milk Freedom Ride to the headquarters of the FDA.

Yesterday, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, a convoy of thirty vans and cars festooned with raw milk slogans, traveled from Maryland to Pennsylvania, where they picked up coolers of raw milk from a farmer. Then, they traveled back over the state line again to intentionally violate a federal ban on the interstate transportation of raw milk for human consumption. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s hunger strike for raw milk food freedom gets covered on U.S. Senator Ron Paul’s “The Daily Paul”

From “Legalize liberty” on “The Daily Paul”:

Michael Schmidt at yesterday's "Milk and Cookies" rally at the FDA headquarters in Maryland.

“Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, a leader in the food freedom movement, now OVER A MONTH into a hunger strike to ask leader of the province of Ontario, Canada for a dialogue. Continue reading


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What’s happening at Queen’s Park while Michael Schmidt continues with his hunger strike for food freedom?

From Denis Langlois in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt speaking today at a rally in Vancouver.

“….”I am asking simply for dialogue. I’m not asking for any concessions,” Schmidt said Tuesday in a telephone interview while participating in a rally in Washington, D.C.

“My condition is there is a dialogue started to get advice on how we can move forward from this stalemate.”

Schmidt began his hunger strike on Sept. 29 to push for a “well-educated dialogue” with McGuinty “about the issue of food freedom and responsible food freedom choice.”

Schmidt said he is for the establishment of standards for the safe production of raw milk and has “no problem” with health unit inspectors keeping an eye on raw milk production. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt in Vancouver today for rally; court date postponed to Dec. 5th

Photo from today's rally in Vancouver. Photo by Tirra Del Giudice

Michael Schmidt booked a flight to Vancouver today a few weeks ago to attend court on contempt charges. However, since then he’s heard that the court date has been postponed to December 5th. However, Michael went to Vancouver today anyway and the raw milk community there is hosting a rally today in support of raw milk freedom and food rights generally. We’ll post more when we receive further reports.

Michael spent yesterday at the Raw Milk Freedom Riders rally at the FDA headquarters in Maryland, so this is a strenuous schedule, especially for someone who hasn’t eaten in 35 days.


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Has Twitter gone over to the dark side?

Why else would they have suspended Summer’s “meetwithmichael” account? 


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“It’s either dialog or death”, says raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, at FDA

From David E. Gumpert, at the Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt being interviewed at the rally outside FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.

“Some days I have a bad feeling and some days I have a good feeling,” Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt said of his mood as his hunger strike bears on. He is on day 31 of the hunger strike, but the simple fact that he was able to travel to the Raw Milk and Cookies rally in Maryland suggested Schmidt was having a better day.

Michael Schmidt being interviewed at the rally outside FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.He reported that a growing number of members of Ontario’s parliament are lobbying the province’s premier, Dalton McGuinty, to meet with Schmidt. He has said he will give up the hunger strike if the premier will meet with him and launch a discussion about how to make safe raw milk available to Ontario citizens. Continue reading

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“Moms defy law in raw milk protest” –San Francisco Chronicle

From Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau

Washington — A self-described “caravan of criminal mothers” defied federal law Tuesday by transporting raw milk across state lines from a Pennsylvania farm and drinking it in front of the Food and Drug Administration headquarters in Maryland.

“It’s totally natural for me as a parent to want to feed my children good food that makes them healthy,” said Liz Reitzig, 31, a mother of five in Bowie, Md., who organized the protest. “In this case that is fresh, clean, raw milk from farmers we know and trust. The idea that we become criminals for engaging in that transaction is what is so appalling.”

The protesters, numbering about 100, combined the impulses of the Occupy Wall Street movement against corporate power and the Tea Party movement against government power. Some drove in from as far away as Illinois and Kentucky to denounce government tyranny, corporate cabals and the “agricultural-industrial complex,” promising more protests and civil disobedience. Continue reading

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What price freedom? Michael Schmidt goes four weeks without food (day 35)

From Sarah Foster on News with Views:

Michael Schmidt, on October 11, 2011

“How much are you willing to pay for freedom? That’s the question raw-milk advocate Michael Schmidt may have asked himself a month ago. Whether he did or not, he’s apparently decided to bear the cost however high it turns out to be – which could mean his life.

Michael Schmidt is the dairyman in Ontario, Canada, who has been on a hunger strike in an attempt to focus public attention on the plight of raw milk producers, like him, and their would-be customers. He is 57, and for 17 years — nearly a third of his life — he’s been trying to find a solution to the legalization of raw milk. So far his struggle has cost him the loss of much of his farm acreage, which was sold to cover legal fees and fines incurred following a government raid in 1994. Continue reading

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