Raw milk rally today in Vancouver with Michael Schmidt and Alice Jongerden

Pictures of today’s rally in Vancouver from Tirra Del Giudice:

Michael Schmidt with rally participants in Vancouver today.

What Tirra posted on Facebook:

“Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for all you wonderful messages! 🙂 Definitely heart warming on a day like today 🙂 I will respond to you all tomorrow – just got back from the rally & am running out the door for our milk pick up & then off to see Michael at our town hall meeting & potluck tonight. Wow – it’s a Milk-er-ific day today!!!

But… before I head out I wanted to let you all know that the really was AMAZING! We had such wonderful support from so many amazing people, many of who weren’t directly connected to raw milk, but were there stand behind us & support us in our choices for food freedoms. You know you’re onto something when people outside of “the choir” show up to help you out!

Good work to everyone out there for all the hard work you’ve all been doing to spread the word 🙂 Seeing such a wide range of people show up at the rally today shows that what we are doing IS working & that we really CAN make a difference!

Thank you & love to you all,


Rally participant

Michael Schmidt shares the podium with Alice Jongerden.


More than 100 rally participants.


Michael Schmidt





Michael Schmidt talks to one of the raw milk rally participants.



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7 responses to “Raw milk rally today in Vancouver with Michael Schmidt and Alice Jongerden

  1. thebovine

    Added a few more pictures just now.

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  3. Joseph

    I was actually in Vancouver today, taking a uni. exam. If i had known that this protest was going on I would definitely of shown up to give my support. How can I get details of when future events like this happen?


    • BC Food Security

      Hi Joseph :

      The Chilliwack Raw Dairy Group now has a lovely facebook page.
      That is the fastest and surest way .
      You can try e-mailing the Home On The Range website but unless you are an active and supporting OUR COWS coop member you may not get a reply to your e-mail for 6 months if ever.

  4. John

    If the government believes that raw milk is so harmful, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to make farmers label their products to make clear the isks associated with consuming raw milkr? It would “strongly advise” that raw milk should not be consumed by children, pregnant women, older people or those who are unwell or have chronic illness but at the same time give people freedom to choose if they wanted to.

  5. Oh wow Gordon!!! Just came across this now – thank you so much for sharing! This is awesome! What an amazing day it was! So wonderful to have shared it with all of you! 🙂

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