CTV Vancouver covers raw milk rally

From CTV.ca coverage of the Nov. 2nd rally. Full video on CTV news.

Michael Schmidt in Vancouver yesterday. Frame grab from CTV video.

The rally used raw milk that was brought in legally from Washington state.

Lots of regular folks came out to show their support for legal raw milk.

Journalistic balance requires including the other point of view.

Go ask Alice... Alice Jongerden, former agister at Home on the Range.

Vancouver, where raw mik rallies are news!

Full video on CTV.ca news site.

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One response to “CTV Vancouver covers raw milk rally

  1. We need to wake up – and fast. The food chain is being hijacked by corporate vultures. The health authorities are in their pay, due to the fact government is the prime puppet of corporate control.

    People must now take control of their destinies. We must catalyse a new form of local democracy that renders central government powerless to control our right to the foods of our choice.

    Unpasteurised milk from good farms is one of the finest foods available to man. The attempt to kill it off is tantamount to dictatorship. Dictatorship happens when people fail to take action and leave decision making to others.

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