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“Something protective about raw milk”

CBC Radio takes a look at allergies:

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Above is a link to today’s Sunday Edition on the CBC. Michael Enright  is interviewing Gwen Smith, editor of Allergic Living and Dr. Stacey  Jones, Chief of allergies and immunology at the Arkansas Children’s’ Hospital who is leading a research study on food allergies. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt meeting McGuinty, ending hunger strike = national news

The Huffington Post Canada and the Brandon Sun (from Manitoba) published the Canadian Press version, while the Montreal Gazette ran the Postmedia story. These are just a small sampling of the many media outlets carrying the story:

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Time to end the war against the earth

From Vandana Shiva, an edited version of her talk last night at the Sydney Opera House, as published on TheAge.com.au. Thanks to Raoul Bedi for bringing this story to our attention:

Vandana Shiva, Indian food activist, from " Sydney Peace Prize". Click for source.

When we think of wars in our times, our minds turn to Iraq and Afghanistan. But the bigger war is the war against the planet. This war has its roots in an economy that fails to respect ecological and ethical limits – limits to inequality, limits to injustice, limits to greed and economic concentration. Continue reading


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