“Something protective about raw milk”

CBC Radio takes a look at allergies:

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Above is a link to today’s Sunday Edition on the CBC. Michael Enright  is interviewing Gwen Smith, editor of Allergic Living and Dr. Stacey  Jones, Chief of allergies and immunology at the Arkansas Children’s’ Hospital who is leading a research study on food allergies.

Towards the end of the programme Minute 28:46, Gwen Smith who has written about the Farming Affect and she speaks about research in Europe that is being conducted by Swiss Dr. Erika VonMutius on the old style European mixed family farms in 14 countries and 40,000 subjects around allergies. This is the link for Dr. Von Mutius’ research:


Gwen Smith talks about this research and states that this study has found that there is something protective about raw unpasteurized milk.

Thanks to Laurie for the above report!



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14 responses to ““Something protective about raw milk”

  1. Gretna Maggiacomo

    I found the raw milk snippet interesting & would be very interested in reading further results of similar testing but what a tragedy if the findings reveal that raw milk use actually wards off asthma & common allergies……so much suffering over the years & Health Canada so blind to the truth!

    • Royce Hamer

      Health Canada is not blind they are Corrupt to the Core– Read Shiv Copra’s book.. nothing but an approval board for the drug industry. They need to be changed since the honest and caring seintists are fired if they do the honourable thing of protecting Canadians.

  2. Here is the link to one of the major studies (almost 15,000 children) showing that raw milk consumption reduces asthma and allergies: http://www.organicpastures.com/pdfs/raw_milk_allergy.pdf

    • Walter's Dad

      Thanks for posting the full journal article – and to reinforce why it’s so important to read the entire article carefully before making statements about what the research means.

      To quote directly from page 668:
      “The present study does not allow evaluating the effect of pasteurized vs. raw milk consumption because no objective confirmation of the raw milk status of the farm milk samples was available.”
      “About half of the parents indicated that they usually did not boil the milk before consumption but no differential effects were observed between those boiling and those not boiling the milk.”

      So this study actually doesn’t support a conclusion that raw milk consumption reduces asthma and allergies. The authors suggest the observed association may be due to fatty acid composition of farm milk.

      • hollyhock

        The Gabriela study published August 2011
        “Reported raw milk consumption was inversely associated to asthma, atopy and hay fever independent of other farm exposures. Boiled farm milk did not show a protective effect.”

      • Walter's Dad

        The main conclusion of the Gabriela study is that the protective effect of farm milk consumption on asthma might be associated with the whey protein fraction of milk.

        Draw too much attention to this and whey protein will quickly become just another ‘fortified’ ingredient added to pasteurized milk.

  3. deen

    This is a crime of omission and commission.
    The wise people have known this information all along.This is connected to why very affluent people have farms among their many assets.For example the Queen of England(also of Canada) makes sure she and her family members drink raw milk from their cows..They know the protection of healthy unpasteurized raw milk and its effective nature in developing a strong immune system.
    I wonder if the queen has ever been vaccinated?
    On a personal note a couple weeks ago a Canadian doctor told me he could not see my children for a check up unless i had them vaccinated..Any others have this happen. .If what Allopathic doctors are pushing as science and the importance of vaccination.How has humanity survived until 2011.without vaccinations.
    Please take a look at the link below.

    • D. Smith

      Don’t take your kids to a doctor. The more people who will follow that advice, whether in Canada or America or Spain or Italy – wherever – the better off our populace would be. If you must seek medical care for something go to the emergency room. Otherwise, stay away from doctors who have only the interests of BigPharma in their hearts – because they certainly don’t care about our next generation. Your kids will be better off, too. In fact, I’ve never heard of anything so ludicrous as a “well baby” check. Who the hell takes a “well” baby to the doctor?? If you do, you’re setting yourself up for a fall, and setting your kid up for a lifetime of ambiguous (questionable) diagnoses, drugs they don’t need, vaccinations they certainly don’t need and many other “necessary” junk which is truly wholly unnecessary. But, that’s just my opinion.


    Re: Dean “Canadian doctor told me he could not see my children for a check up unless i had them vaccinated—”
    Yes, in Calgary a friend of mine took their child to a Doctor who was advertising for new patients and refused his child unless the Doctor could update all the shots. The Parents reported the Doctor to The College of Physicians. The Doctor was reprimanded cause we can refuse vaccination.


    Re: Gretna Maggiacomo “raw milk use actually wards off asthma —”

    I know two people who when they drink homogenized store milk that they did not know why excess mucus would develop in their throat and restrict breathing. A young girl, now 16, noticed she did not have this occurring on a school farm milk outing but always with the store milk.
    My brother-in-law who grew up on a milk farm, had store milk when no access to fresh milk available, bought a cow, sold it and every time he drank store milk, he could not tolerate it. So it is not your age.

    The cause is due to the homogenization process which breaks up the nice round fat particles so they are jagged and rough and the body tries to protect itself by creating the mucus.
    Any milk that does not have a skim of cream on top is Homogenized or is 100% skim milk. Also, when fat is busted up, histamines are released.

  6. nedlud

    I said this here before: Have drunk raw milk all our lives (well, in my case starting in my late teens, was a town kid to start not born on a dairy farm), my wife, children and I have no allergies.

    I have sisters and a brother and they don’t drink raw milk, never really have except rarely and they all have allergies, of one sort of another.


  7. D. Smith

    Asthma and allergies are a medical dream come true. $$$$ to be made, drugs to be hawked, and a whole new field opens up for the medical industry. Talk about a money maker.

    Most “allergies” are in people’s heads and are excuses for not doing the things we know we should be doing – like not using SLS in skin care products, and not adding peanut oil to vaccines (which is a whole ‘nother subject I don’t dare get started talking about), and not using pesticides and herbicides on the foods we eat. How can we possibly expect health from a system like that???

    Raw milk and raw cream are far and away some of the healthiest foods on earth, not to mention all the things which can be made from them. Real grass-fed butter anyone?

  8. deen


    This article gives more insight into why it is so important for Big Pharma not to have
    people access raw milk.In this case it is human breast milk from breast feeding
    mothers to the newborn infant.Please take time to read the above link.

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