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Food freedom raw milk rallies across the country on November 23, marking the 5th anniversary of the 2006 raid by the MNR on Glencolton Farms

From Margo McIntosh, on Balance Your Apple blog:

Images from Glencolton Farm raid and subsequent news conference are compiled from the Landowner Magazine, Feb/March 2007

“There are rallies and events happening right across the country in the month of November with most of them being on the 23rd of November.  If you are concerned about food rights of any kind and/or are a raw milk drinker or farmer and want to see access to this whole food continue, please come out to these rallies and join us.  If you can’t make it we ask you to please send this link to your friends, family and through social networking. Continue reading

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Readers write their politicians, part 17

Michael Schmidt speaks to the crowd at last week's "Milk and Cookies" rally at FDA headquarters in Maryland. Thanks to Kimberly Harke for the photo.

Now that Premier McGuinty HAS responded to the many emails, calls and letters urging him to meet with Michael Schmidt, it’s only courteous to take a few more minutes to pen a message of appreciation to Premier McGuinty and to our members of provincial parliament who’ve helped facilitate this long-sought meeting of minds. Today’s post includes letters and emails of exactly this type, in case you need ideas. Once again, please copy your correspondence to thebovine AT gmx DOT com. Thanks!

November 7th,2011

Premier McGuinty ,MPP

Over the last weeks and days I am aware you have received many calls  and letters from around the world, including mine. People were not only asking but in some cases pleading with you to meet  with Michael Schmidt. I am disappointed it took so long. In-fact, it was the 37th day of his hunger strike when you finally met with him. Continue reading


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“Right 2 Know” march — citizens are demanding GMO foods be labeled now

From Raoul Bedi:

Together Let’s Demand GMO Labeling Now! 

Most Americans agree we have a right to know what’s in our food, and a right to choose safe, healthy food for our families and ourselves.  And yet 80% of the packaged foods in America contain Genetically Engineered ingredients that have not been proven safe, and are not labeled! Continue reading


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Confessions of a former big food exec

From Andy Bellatti, at Grist.org:

Processed food -- trick or treat? Image from Bruce Bradley's blog.

“A few weeks ago, I learned of a relatively new blog about food industry deception, but with an interesting twist. The blog’s author is Bruce Bradley, who spent over 15 years as a food marketer at companies like General Mills, Pillsbury, and Nabisco. He has since, in his words, “become more educated about the risks and environmental impact of eating processed foods,” and is now a CSA enthusiast. Continue reading

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