Michael Schmidt speaks, shows “Milk War” movie at Belwood Lake, Ontario

From the Fergus Elora News Express:

Pat Winter with Michael Schmidt at the raw milk blue bus last month.

November 8, 2011

Raw milk activist speaks

More than 40 people met at a farm near Belwood Lake Saturday afternoon to see the documentary film, Milk War, and hear Durham farmer and raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt.

The hour-long film tells the story of Schmidt’s battle with the government to legalize the sale of unpasteurized milk in Canada.

“It’s a pretty amazing movie,” said Pat Winter, a raw milk advocate and event organizer, who saw the film last April in Toronto and wanted to screen the film locally to support Schmidt.

Winter met Schmidt while helping out at an Arthur area “cow share” farm, where members own a portion of the cow to acquire raw milk. As a “supporter of responsible food freedom,” she admires Schmidt’s tenacity, courage, patience and persistence. “He is my hero,” she said.

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