Michael Schmidt sentencing Nov. 25th

This just in from Michael’s lawyer, Karen Selick:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with lawyer Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, seen here at a Queen's Park news conference from February 2010

The sentencing hearing for Michael Schmidt will take place on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.

The courthouse is NOT the same place where the trial was held in 2009.  It is where the appeal proceedings have been held, at 50 Eagle St. W., Newmarket, in room 203.  The court staff has been notified that there will likely be many observers.


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10 responses to “Michael Schmidt sentencing Nov. 25th

  1. Sib

    Many Michael Schmidt supporters, cow share members, raw milk and food freedom supporters need to be in the courtroom that day. We need to send a message that the food we choose to consume is a fundamental human right, and that the charges for distribution and sale of raw milk should be dropped against Michael Schmidt.

    There is no victim to this “crime” so no one needs to be charged. No raw milk drinker has gotten sick or complained about the milk.

    We are living in very strange times. But there’s always hope.

    If as many of us can be in the courtroom that day, I’m sure our presence will be well noted and may have some effect on the outcome. After Micheal made that enormous sacrifice with his 36-day hunger strike to prove his commitment to food freedom for all of us, he should not have to face the judge alone. WE are the ones who demand raw milk. And WE are the ones who need to support him at this important hearing.

  2. Raoul

    We need an immediate MOOOOOOOOOOOOORATORIUM on the enforcement of all raw dairy regulations while the Ontario legislature pulls together a fact-finding committee , establishes a commission to see how the Europeans regulate or don’t regulate raw dairy , and lastly votes constructively on one of many private member bills to start the ball rolling in a whole new direction .
    So don’t lose any momentum folks. Keep cranking out those e-mails , phone calls and letters and FAXes to Premier McGuinty and co.
    We are trying to design redesign Food Security and Food Safety and Right Livelihood policies and processes that will affect the people of Ontario for many generations to come . This takes time and can not be achieved qualitatively in an atmosphere of threats (emanating from the government ) .

    I believe only the Premier can only request a moratorium ?If so, I suggest the moratorium be for the entire duration of Premier McGuinty’s current term in office !

  3. The ban on raw milk is a violation of a Canadian individuals right to self determination. If there is harm done consumer law is more than adequate to remedy harm and grievances. What value is the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms?

  4. ADHD

    What’s the maximum possible penalty a judge can impose upon Mr. Schmidt for each charge, especially if that judge decides to be as mean as possible to him and forces all sentences to run consecutively so as to keep him in prison as long as possible? [I’m also worried if the judge could order him to serve a sentence as far away as possible from his family and friends in addition to denying him parole, or even revoking his Canadian citizenship and having him deported back to Germany upon completion of sentence – or force him into solitary confinement for part or all of the tariff.]

    Please don’t get me wrong: most certainly I emphatically DON’T want such a horrific punishment to be inflicted upon an innocent man (which he most certainly IS), but it’s important to know what’s the worst possible thing a judge could do to him. I apologise for being so extremely alarmist; however, I know better now than to trust ANY authority figures…

    • Walter's Dad

      There won’t be any jail time arising from this case. McGuinty met with Michael only to prevent him from becoming a martyr (if he had died during the hunger strike). Similarly, they know Michael will be viewed as a “political prisoner” if they send him to prison on the basis of this controversial decision There will be a fine, but how much will depend on the judge’s mood.
      The next go around (assuming Michael continues with his distribution business and if no one pursues the legal remedies suggested in Tetley’s judgment), I think they will seek jail time – they’ll have their “justification” that a fine didn’t deter.

      • BC Food Security

        Right now the Ontario government and the Ontario Legal system is “on trial ” as much as Michael Schmidt . Do they want to look like they are out of touch with public sentiments and world opinion ? It will not the help the “Ontario” brand if they fine a visionary like Michael ridiculously or put him in jail .
        To save the government’s face , I suggest the fine, if any, be no more than $108 . Beyond that we, the public, must keep up the pressure while Michael and his friends now attempt to lobby the individual Ontario members of parliament. It needs to be a “one-two punch” . While Michael is lobbying an individual MP (federal ) or MPP (provincial ) , that MP and/or MPP should be simultaneously receiving 20 000 or 30 000 e-mails and phone calls so that they really “get the message ” on several different levels .

  5. ADHD

    Naturally, if the judge orders something really ultra-punitive calculated to break or kill the man, I hope that enough people will raise as HUGE an outcry as possible, even if it comes to a revolution or civil war: this would be a SUPREME INJUSTICE!!!!!

  6. Jenna

    I appologize if it’s a bit off topic, but does anybody know of a dairy farmer near Hamilton, On who sells raw (organic) milk?

  7. BC Food Security

    Jenna : That is the whole point of this blog . It is currently ILLEGAL to buy , distribute and sell raw milk anywhere in Canada.
    So people across Canada have explored co-owning a cow or a bunch of cows and then hiring an agister separately to milk the cows for them . So you might rephrase your question like this : Can I join a raw dairy cooperative that services the Hamilton area and/or I can drive X miles to get it ? Unfortunately, the government is currently doing its level best at this time to squash even this remaining coop alternative as we speak . If that happens then your next best bet is to drive to New York state and obtain it there . But then you will face a $20 import limitation per person from the Canadian government.
    From the Weston Price website :In New York state
    Raw milk sales are legal on the farm. The farmer must have a license from the state Department of Agriculture and Markets. The farmer must post a sign at the point of sale that states, “Notice:Raw milk sold here. Raw milk does not provide the protection of pasteurization.” Raw milk vendors can only sell to consumers.

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