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CDC admits not one person has died from raw milk in 11 years in the U.S.

From Ethan A. Huff at Natural News.com

(NaturalNews) The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) refuses to acknowledge that, based on all available statistics, raw milk produced on clean, small-scale farms is actually far safer than pasteurized milk from factory farms. But the agency did admit earlier this year, after being pressed and warned of a potential Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request if it failed to comply, that not a single person has died from raw milk consumption in over a decade.

This may come as a shock to some who, because of all the propaganda about the alleged dangers of raw milk, are convinced otherwise, but it is true — one of the two deaths often cited by the CDC as evidence that raw milk is dangerous was actually linked to the consumption of raw queso fresco cheese, which is currently outlawed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And the other is likely linked to an adulterated raw milk product as well, rather than to raw milk. Continue reading

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B.C. Centre for Disease Control papers cast doubt on whether raw milk was the actual source of E.coli outbreaks

From Sharon Proske, first from her email:

I read Tom Lambert’s (Director of Health)  response to Amber Chartier’s email and followed up on his suggestion to read the information posted on the BC Centre for Disease Control website and I also followed the links to the actual reports. What I discovered was that the headlines on the BCCDC site were not entirely accurate in terms of the outbreaks of illnesses blamed on the consumption of raw milk.

The attached file is my detailed review of two cases: Continue reading


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Food freedom rally for raw milk earlier today at OMAFRA offices in Kemptville

OMAFRA is the Ontario Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Kemptville is a town about an hour south of Ottawa, and also the location for one of three or four agricultural colleges in the province. We gather raw milk was served, media were there, notably CTV’s Ottawa bureau, and all went smoothly (Photos and story via Jacqueline Fennell Conklin on the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page)


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In Europe, it’s simple — put money IN, get raw milk OUT; so tell me again why that’s illegal here in North America.

From the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page:

Michael Schmidt pours himself a tall white one at a raw milk vending machine in Italy. Only in Europe you say? Raw milk fans in North America can't help but wonder why the difference.

In Europe, it’s put your money in, get your raw milk out

In Europe, buying raw milk can be as simple as putting some money in a vending machine and filling a bottle. Continue reading


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New Jersey raw milk advocates hold out hope for passage of new legislation

From Carmen Juri/The Star Ledger, on NJ.com:

A herd of Jersey Cows feeds on a Orchard grass mix in addition to eating field grass at Birchwood Farms. Mike Tierney, owner of Birchwood Farms in Pennsylvania, sells raw milk he produces form a herd of 34 Jersey Cows. Farmers cannot sell raw milk in New Jersey, but that doesn't stop New Jersey residents from traveling out of state to get their fix. A large number of his customers are from New Jersey. Photo: Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger

When Tina Shallis runs out of milk, it’s time for a road trip.

The Edison resident drives 90 miles round trip to Birchwood Farms in Pennsylvania to buy six gallons of unpasteurized milk — enough to last 10 days for drinking and making ice cream or kefir.

And, here’s the kicker: She pays $8 a gallon, about twice the amount of a gallon of pasteurized milk at the supermarket.

“It is well worth it,” said Shallis, a mother of two.  Continue reading

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E.coli O157:H7 infections in five Organic Pastures raw milk customers

David E. Gumpert has the story, on his The Complete Patient blog:

Organic Pastures Dairy Co., the nation’s largest raw dairy said it is recalling all its raw dairy products after it was informed by public health authorities that five children were sickened by E.coli 0157:H7. Three were hospitalized with hemolytic uremic syndrome.

The Fresno dairy is under quarantine and, according to a press release from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, “Until further notice, Organic Pastures may not produce raw milk products for the retail market. The order also affects Organic Pastures raw butter, raw cream, raw colostrum, and a raw product labeled ‘Qephor.'” Continue reading


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