Salt Spring Island dairy goat farmer Jan Steinman talking raw milk on the radio

Click here to go to the audio feed from Jan Steinman’s interview.

Click image to go to the radio program's website.

Once again, here’s that link to Jan Steinman’s interview.


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5 responses to “Salt Spring Island dairy goat farmer Jan Steinman talking raw milk on the radio

  1. Thanks for posting this! It was a fun interview with sympathetic hosts, and we had an animal rights activist call in, as well.

    I did another interview regarding the rallies of the 23rd yesterday (Thursday) with Dave Dickson on CFAX 1070 AM. He asked all the right questions, and we took three sympathetic calls. I checked their website, and the interview does not appear to be available yet. I’ll send you the link if I can get my hands on it before Wednesday.

  2. BCFoodSecurity

    Good work Jan ! I like that name ” Grow your own ” radio show ! None of the livestreaming links ever worked for me. Perhaps we should publish a full written transcript here of both interviews ? I am game to do it ! What do you say Richard ? Good luck on November 23 . I hope you get to meet the premier of BC sooner or later as well . Invite her for a glass of milk (pasteurized of course ) or whatever !

    • I’m en route to a community farming conference, but I’ll see if I can somehow get the file to you to download. Then I’d be delighted to have you transcribe it, if you’re up for it! But it was a 40-minute interview — that’s a lot of transcribing!

      I got the other interview MP3, but it has twelve minutes of commercials at the beginning I’d like to edit off before making it available.

      • BC Food Security

        Hi Jan; I thought there were 2 interviews – one on Saltspring and one in Victoria ? I could do one at least. But I would like to confirm first that Richard will publish it here ?

  3. Sharon Proske

    Excellent interview, Jan! I’d love to have a written transcript. Thank you for all the great work you are doing to help make raw milk legal. Sorry I can’t be with you in Victoria on Nov. 23rd, but I will definitely be attending the Vancouver rally.

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