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Petitioning Justice Tetley in Michael Schmidt case; sentencing Fri. Nov. 25

Read the petition here.

Click image above to go to the page where you can sign the petition.

We’ve been hearing reports for some time now that people on their own initiative have been writing to Justice Tetley to voice their concerns about the Michael Schmidt case.

People have been writing about it on the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page, for example.

Here are some of the things folks have written to Justice Tetley: Continue reading


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Cross-country raw milk checkup — rallies ready to roll out tomorrow

From Charlene Bishop in Edmonton:

Poster for Nov. 23 raw milk events in Edmonton.

From Katy Helliwell (Regina):

OK, in Regina we are ready to go! Media and politicians in the know-check, posters made-check, speeches and speakers arranged-check, nice weather on its way-check so come on down to the Saskatchewan Legislature at noon on the 23rd. We need our collective voices to be heard so policies can begin to be reviewed and changed. Spread the word, see you there, thanks everyone!!

From Jan Steinman (Victoria, B.C.): Continue reading

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More noise in the mainstream media on the evils of dairy supply management

From Ian Lee, in today’s Toronto Star:

“Thirty-four million Canadians are being milked and their wallets plucked by approximately 14,000 dairy farmers, 2,800 chicken farmers, 1,200 egg producers and 500 turkey farmers under a system of government protectionism called “supply management.”

In Canada, supply management protects farmers producing dairy, eggs, turkeys, chickens and broiler hatching eggs, representing $8.6 billion or 19 per cent of a $44.4 billion annual Canadian farm income. And yet these farmers earn an average of $100,000 net profit per farm.

Supply management started under the Pearson government with the establishment of the Canadian Dairy Commission in 1966 and was expanded to cover eggs, chickens and turkeys during the Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney years. Continue reading


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Raw milk freedom riders are riding to Chicago to take their challenge to FDA interstate prohibitions to the next level

From the Raw Milk Freedom Riders’ blog:

Raw milk freedom riders are taking it to the next level in Chicago.

You are invited to join the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, Food Freedom Advocates from around the country, local and national press and Maybe the FDA and law enforcement* at our next Freedom Ride coming to Chicago IL.

Who:      Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Speakers from around the U.S.

What:     100 gallons of Raw Milk and Cookies to be distributed in support of Food Freedom Continue reading

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Lifestyle and diet affect jaw size, shape

What’s missing in this picture is any reference to the pioneering work of Weston A. Price on the relation between diet and jaw formation. Here’s the story, from Clare Pain, at ABC Science in Australia:

Click image to go to ABC Science story

“Lifestyle is known to affect many aspects of health but now a UK anthropologist says it could even change the shape of our jaws.

Dr Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel of the University of Kent reports her findings in this week’s edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

She made detailed measurements of the skulls and jaw-bones (mandibles) of nearly 300 individuals from 11 different subsistence cultures – some from hunter-gatherer societies and some from societies with primitive agriculture.

The measurements were of skulls in museum collections, which were from people who lived in the past couple of thousand years.

“These people are likely to be analogous to people living today,” says Cramon-Taubadel. Continue reading

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