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Michael Schmidt’s lawyer Karen Selick talks about sentencing philosophy

This is the speech Karen Selick had prepared to give in court on Friday:

Karen Selick talks to the media after the sentence was handed down Friday.

“Your Honour, I do not envy you your task today.  Today, you have to choose between enforcing the law, and doing justice—because regrettably, we cannot assume that they are one and the same.

Here in your courtroom there sits a crowd of some 60  people: supporters of Michael Schmidt, people who have been helped by him, people who have benefitted from the very same regulatory offences that you have convicted him of.

Your task today is to punish this man for the very acts that they are here to pay homage to him for. Continue reading


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Citizens face off against regulators over raw milk and food rights issues

From Rady Ananda, on The People’s Voice:

Food Freedom Day (Nov 23) rally at Tunney's Pasture in Ottawa. Photo Jacqueline Fennel

“The State of Maine recently sued farmer Dan Brown for selling food and milk without State licenses, despite a local law that permits it. “Blue Hill is one of five Maine towns to have passed the Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance,” explains Family Farm Defenders.

On Nov. 15, the California Dept of Food and Agriculture recalled raw milk products from Organic Pastures Dairy Co. in Fresno, after five children became ill and admitted to drinking raw milk from OPDC. Tests confirmed, however, that the products did not contain the variety of E. coli known as O157:H7 from which the children suffered. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Michael Schmidt’s sentencing Friday November 25th in Newmarket

From Rawmilkklimwar channel on YouTube.com

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