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The law decrees Michael Schmidt must also pay a “victim surcharge” of $1,945 for his victimless raw milk offenses

From Karen Selick, on The Justice Report:

Michael Schmidt, after the sentencing last Friday, outside Newmarket court.

“A fact that hasn’t yet been publicized following the sentencing of CCF client Michael Schmidt on Friday, November 25 is that in addition to the fine of $9,150 imposed by Justice Tetley, a “victim surcharge” totaling $1,945 was also added to the tab. The total amount that Michael is supposed to pay is therefore $11,095.

Under section 60.1 of Ontario’s Provincial Offences Act, the “victim surcharge” gets added automatically. The amount is determined on a little chart found in the regulations, here. Continue reading


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Raw milk freedom riders to ride again, to challenge FDA on fetching milk for others across state lines

From Kimberly Hartke:

Raw milk freedom rider and mom Liz Reitzig at the previous action at the FDA in Maryland.

Chicago, IL—On December 8, a group of mothers and others will defy the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ban on “distributing” fresh milk across state lines by transporting 100 gallons of raw milk from Wisconsin to Chicago’s Independence Park and distributing it to customers waiting at the park.

Federal law 21 CFR § 1240.61 prohibits interstate movement and distribution of raw milk for human consumption. The FDA regulation applies to individuals, or “agents” acting on their behalf. Continue reading

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Aubergine on Food Freedom Day at Queen’s Park in Toronto, Nov. 23rd

From Toronto food blogger, Aubergine:

Click image above to go to a page where you can watch Aubergine's video.

“Today I’m taking you out of my kitchen for a little jaunt down to Queen’s Park in downtown Toronto and yesterday’s raw milk rally with dairy farmer Michael Schmidt. According to Canadian law, Michael Schmidt is a serious criminal. His crime: selling unpasteurized milk. In 2006 his farm was raided by 25 armed police and since then he has been in and out of the courts fighting a battle for the right to sell raw milk. He recently completed a 37-day hunger strike resulting in Premier McGuinty finally agreeing to speak with him and starting some dialogue on this issue. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt sentenced to pay $9,150 but an appeal is on the way

Canadian Press story, via the Kitchener-Waterloo Record:

Flanked by supporters and television cameras, the self-described Godfather of raw milk, Michael Schmidt, raises a toast following his sentencing last Friday in Newmarket court.

“NEWMARKET, ONT. — Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt was handed a $9,150 fine and one year of probation Friday on convictions related to selling and distributing unpasteurized milk.

In an interview after the sentence was handed down in a packed Newmarket, Ont., courtroom, Schmidt said he would not be paying the fine.

“I’d rather go to prison than pay the fine, and that’s a matter of principle,” he said. “If I pay the fine, then this is almost like an admittance of guilt.” Continue reading


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Raw milk mooovement hits Regina

From Christeen Jesse, on the Regina School of Journalism’s “Ink online”:

Raw milk drinkers Emily Kutarna (left) and Jana Kutarna (right) at the Food Freedom Rally in Regina on Nov. 23. Photo by Christeen Jesse

“It’s rich, it’s creamy, and it’s illegal.

The sale of raw (not pasteurized or homogenized) milk is banned in Canada, but on Nov. 23, raw milk drinkers around the country rallied against the law.

“It needs to be brought to the public’s attention that we really don’t have the rights and freedoms for choosing the foods that we want to put in our mouths,” said Katy Helliwell, organizer of the Freedom Food Rally in Regina. Continue reading


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