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How ’bout those moms — raw milk freedom riding moms ride to Chicago

From Farm Food Freedom KY

Demonstrators at the last Food Freedom Riders event at the FDA in Maryland.

“Some mothers take their role as parents very seriously, and their focus on local, nutrient-dense foods has been growing in popularity .  They invest hours of time preparing special allergy-friendly meals for their children, labor tirelessly growing and preserving their own foods every season, and they diligently seek out foods with the most nutritional value for their families, an ancient practice that lingers still today.

That’s exactly what the first Raw Milk Freedom Ride on November 1st to FDA headquarters was about: Moms who want access to foods they believe to be beneficial to their children’s health.   The consumer cannot have access to these foods if food club members and farmers continue to be criminalized by the Federal government.  Whether or not you agree with their methods like cow shares, goat shares, or members-only clubs, you have to ask yourself, do you believe in their right to do it? Continue reading


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Different strokes for different folks — cracking down hardest on the little guy

From David E. Gumpert writing on “Food Safety News”:

Does "big dairy" get to play by different rules?

“Though Peanut Corp of America has been cited for responsibility in nine deaths and more than 700 illnesses from Salmonella in its peanut butter, its president, Stewart Parnell, has remained seemingly immune from prosecution nearly three years after the fact.

Same with Austin “Jack” DeCoster of Wright County Egg, which was linked to as many as 1,700 illnesses from Salmonella in its eggs in 2010.

But a relatively small 2010 Midwest outbreak of 25 illnesses (and no deaths) from Campylobacter in raw milk seems to have brought the ire of law enforcement down on the owners of two tiny farms in Indiana and Michigan. A federal grand jury in Detroit is investigating bringing criminal charges against an Amish farmer in Indiana who produced the milk, and a Michigan farmer who helped distribute it to several private food clubs. Continue reading

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