How ’bout those moms — raw milk freedom riding moms ride to Chicago

From Farm Food Freedom KY

Demonstrators at the last Food Freedom Riders event at the FDA in Maryland.

“Some mothers take their role as parents very seriously, and their focus on local, nutrient-dense foods has been growing in popularity .  They invest hours of time preparing special allergy-friendly meals for their children, labor tirelessly growing and preserving their own foods every season, and they diligently seek out foods with the most nutritional value for their families, an ancient practice that lingers still today.

That’s exactly what the first Raw Milk Freedom Ride on November 1st to FDA headquarters was about: Moms who want access to foods they believe to be beneficial to their children’s health.   The consumer cannot have access to these foods if food club members and farmers continue to be criminalized by the Federal government.  Whether or not you agree with their methods like cow shares, goat shares, or members-only clubs, you have to ask yourself, do you believe in their right to do it?

The Freedom Rider moms rode across the Maryland state line to Pennsylvania in mini-vans with windows covered in tiny handprint smudges and toys rolling around on the floor, and they broke Federal law.  From there they drove to FDA headquarters and drank raw milk and ate cookies as close to the building as the Department of Homeland Security would let them.  The moms want to be heard.  Was the FDA listening?  Not really.

Later that day the FDA issued a statement saying that they did not intend to arrest any consumer crossing state lines with milk, which sounds very agreeable to the untrained ear.  What they failed to mention actually speaks volumes to those engaged in this behind-the-scenes battle for farm and food freedom.   They failed to address their outlandish behavior that’s rarely the subject in the media, and until the recent screenings of the documentary film Farmageddon, the average person had no idea it was even happening.

They never stated that they would stop targeting farmers, buying clubs, and co-ops, which all play important roles in the accessibility of these foods.  This is somewhat troubling to those who have experienced the guns-drawn raids, the property theft, and the confiscation of animals and farm equipment.

This brings us to the second Raw Milk Freedom Ride which will be Thursday, December 8th, 2011.     The next known illegal transportation of milk (that’s right, I said milk) over state lines will take place from Wisconsin to Chicago’s Independence Park.   A Rally will follow at Independence Park from 11:30am to 2pm.  For the address and more information visit here….”

Read it all on Farm Food Freedom KY.

Photo at top from Kimberly Hartke.

Here’s a little about the Food Freedom KY blog’s mission:

“He who controls the food, controls the people…” – Henry Kissinger

Farm Food Freedom KY is a coalition of farmers and friends uniting to promote farm freedom and freedom of choice for consumers. Our focus is the Kentucky legislature. We are grass-roots, joining together because:

  • KY has lost 80% of its farms over the last two decades. There is no food crisis: there is a farm crisis.
  • Legislators and regulators have forgotten that what is not illegal is legal. Americans do not need laws giving us permission to do what our ancestors have always done.
  • Federal agencies like the FDA and USDA have been working outside our established system of checks and balances to our farmers’ detriment, using violence and force “for our own good”. These agencies have influenced our State legislature for the worse, and are threatening to close the pathways between local farmers and local dinner tables.
  • We are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights,including ownership of our bodies and the right to decide what we grow, buy, eat, and drink. Under the guise of food-safety, legislation and burdensome regulations have snowballed. The result has been to limit the rights of small farmers and local consumers, while laying out the red carpet for mega-corporations and industrialized food and farms.

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force.”
– George Washington

The proliferation of pre-crime laws and crippling regulation must stop. Rather than protect us, they make criminals of farmers and consumers alike, citizens who have the right to privately contract with one another. In recent years, private property — farm machinery, processing equipment, healthy animals, food — has been seized in an effort to stop the local food movement. aims to preempt this assault in our beloved Commonwealth by educating our fellow citizens, county sheriffs and legislators.

Please join us for a return to sanity, to the freedom to grow and eat the foods we believe nourish us. As history has proven time and again, we can do together what we cannot do alone.”


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3 responses to “How ’bout those moms — raw milk freedom riding moms ride to Chicago

  1. Those signs are just great!

  2. Thanks for sharing about Farm Food Freedom KY! We are mad as heck and… well… you know the rest!!! Blessings.

  3. BTH

    I like the line: JOIN US FOR A RETURN TO SANITY…. because making criminals out of those who just want good, clean, natural, unadulterated food — should NOT be a crime! They’ve got it backwards! It should be a crime to sell the poison they call ‘food’ because that’s what’s making us sick!

    ROCK ON…, Moms!

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