Michael Schmidt sentencing makes the news in Britain, where raw milk is legal

From Denis Campbell’s UK Progressive:

“The controversy over whether people have the right to produce, sell, buy, and consume raw milk products is a huge one these days. Government regulators in Canada and the US insist they are protecting the public against dangerous effects of raw milk, while those who seek raw milk and other raw foods say their way of eating – is healthy.

Advocates of raw milk point out that pasteurization is not a guarantee milk, and milk products, will be safe. In fact, they claim heating milk (pasteurization) makes the lactic acid and other heat-sensitive antimicrobial substances less effective at fighting bacteria.

Michael Schmidt, Canadian farmer, raw milk activist, and board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) – a non-profit organization, dedicated to “restoring nutrient-dense foods to the North American diet through education, research and activism” – received a sentence of one year probation, and a fine of $9,150, from Ontario Judge, Peter Tetley, during formal sentencing on Wednesday, November 29, for providing cowshare owners with raw milk….”

Read it all on the UK Progressive.


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2 responses to “Michael Schmidt sentencing makes the news in Britain, where raw milk is legal

  1. Kristin

    More propaganda to keep small start up farmers from getting into the raw milk business.

  2. Syd

    I have been following the bovine, and have not seen Justice Tetley’s ruling printed on the bovine. I believe there was a link at one time. Kowarski’s ruling was printed. Would it be possible for the bovine to print Tetley’s ruling?….perhaps both rulings reprinted, would be be of interest to compare, and to see where we are going according to the courts, here in Ontario, Canada.

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