Milk with the shelf life of nuclear waste

From the Owen Sound Sun Times:


Natural milk (from bovine) is acknowledged to be one of the most beneficial, nutritious food source there is, when taken from the cow under reasonable sanitary conditions and immediately cooled to prevent increased bacterial activity.

As in the consumption of any bovine product, approved herd health certification must be obtained. The open-ended declaration that “raw milk” is hazardous to ones health is a blatant fallacy.

The sale of natural (raw) milk is illegal. Why?

Today’s milk is being sold as “natural”. It is not.

Consider . . . today’s milk is taken from the cow by machine then pumped into a cooler holding tank through a pipeline then a truck hauls the milk every few days to the processing plant.

The milk is separated to remove butterfat then it is pasteurized to make sure all bacteria, good and bad, is destroyed. Any that hasn’t been destroyed by detergents, disinfectant etc. Before it got to the processing plant.

One can smell the disinfectants when approaching any dairy barn, milking equipment, truck hauler or persons using it. Finally, homogenization completes the processing!

I do not criticize those who are required to reduce bacteria from milk/milking equipment.

At this point milk cannot be considered “natural.”

Now they add vitamins and unspecified preserves to assure a safe product that has the shelf life of nuclear waste. Enjoy.

Norman Seabrook Chatsworth


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13 responses to “Milk with the shelf life of nuclear waste

  1. nedlud

    Amen, brother.

  2. “self” life … perhaps you meant “shelf” life
    it’s the little things that count

  3. Annie Bartley

    I wouldn’t say processed milk has a shelf life of nuclear waste… Ever opened up a carton that was forgotten in the fridge from last month?? Smells like “road kill”.. I say thats pretty much dead and gone… I have opened up a jar of my raw goats milk after its been forgotten in the fridge for 2 months!!! And its amazingly still usable!! Hummm rotten or fresh which do I want in my fridge?

  4. jhoe

    Anyone out there needing raw milk, can get it at [Name removed] .He has been selling it for years,with the blessing of the Dairy Farmers of ONTARIO ihave been told.His farm is just north of port perry,in durham region,on simcoe street.Unlike Michael he has been left alone to grow his business.If u are in the LONDON area there is a farmer named [name removed] that has been selling it also and can supply u.There are many more all over the province ,Jim Phoenix atUxbridge can help u out.If u require more names ,just contact DFO and they will assist u .ENJOY your raw milk ,u can get it anywhere !

    • Winifred

      jhoe, this is interesting. would you be willing to explain why the farmers you have mentioned have not been taken to task?

    • Bernie

      jhoe, if what you say is true, SHOULD you really be throwing out the farmers names on open board??

    • HOW DARE YOU? HOW DARE YOU? HOW DARE YOU? Why do you think it is fair to throw these farmers under the bus? Did you have permission to advertise for these farmers before you posted on this blog? Are you going to be there, at their farms, protecting them when OMAFRA, the MNR, the police and health department officials show up, armed! Will you be able to console the farmers children and his wife and provide financial aid when these farmers end up in court? Selling, distributing, and transporting raw milk is illegal under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Until the law is changed and raw milk is legalized and decriminalized all dairy farmers, cowshares or not, are subject to prosecution. Do not suggest to me that no farmer has spent time in jail because he was selling raw milk! NOT TRUE! I know of two who have. While consuming raw milk is not illegal, selling, distributing and transporting are. Consumers who obtain raw milk are endangering their farmer every time they pick up or have it delivered. Michael Schmidt is a crusader, a public figure and we are lucky to have him on our side as raw milk drinkers. I differ from Michael, I don’t believe that cowshare farmers should be exempt from the law. I believe that the law should be changed to make milk legal. Why should farmers be held back from a law that does not make sense? I believe people drink milk for three reasons
      1. they like the taste (like preferring raw carrots to cooked)
      2. they need the nutrition that raw milk provides
      3. they want it because it is illegal (think smoking and drinking underage)
      If they want to be consumers, they have four choices.
      1. buy no name (with milk, think grocery store, no name behind the people who milk cows and send it off from their bulk tank)
      2. buy brand name (buy organic)
      3. buy raw (think going to a farm)
      4. join a cowshare
      Unfortunately the last two options are risky to the farmers.Consumers need to work for the legalization of raw milk and support farmers who can provide them with what they want. To ignite our belief in legalizing milk, know that the Temperance Movement did not work and that our fight for civil rights took a loooong time. As you are working for legalization support your farmer by doing everything you can to keep the official eyes away. Suggestions to that end:
      *don’t broadcast their names all over
      *be discrete in picking up your milk
      *don’t serve your milk to unsuspecting guests
      *do some work for your farmer
      I started out typing this response too hot under the collar, you could say I was pissed right off. (Forgive the language but for people who know me, they know I call a spade a spade). I’ve cooled down some. The sound of Michael Schmidt’s voice “just love them” was in my head as my fingers typed..
      could you please remove the names of the farmers in jhoe’s post, they don’t need the heat and Michael’s blog doesn’t need the bad press.

      • nedlud


        We would all be better served if your anger were directed at the bureaucrats and all the other perverse illegitimacies that have sprung forth (politically and technologically) to enslave the common purpose(s) of people(s) and to destroy the intrinsic health of the planet.

        Knowledge is much more vital, shall we say, than regulation.

    • Jhoe! You should NOT be leaving farmers names on this blog! The DFO does NOT support raw milk and you have just endangered these farmers! I don’t know what you are thinking but please WISE UP!

  5. jhoe

    The only one that has been charged is Mr.SCHMIDT and found to be guilty for selling raw milk because he has publicly tried to change the law.Where as other farmers have kept their business out of the main stream media.When Micheal is successful in changing the law ,u WILL see more farmers rumoured tohave been providing raw milk come forward.I think the government is to busy with Mr.Schmidt at this time to risk that there are more farmers providing raw milk to the public.I think there is a lady down east doing it and the government knows and she has not be charged!She does not hid it,as far as the farmers ,who knows,maybe only rumours!

  6. Winifred

    Do you think if Michael is successful in the Supreme Court, that big business will conform to raw milk regulations and move into the raw milk sector as well as continue in the pasteurized milk sector, and push out some/many of our smaller farm raw milk dairy friends? But, I also think there is always room for direct farmer-consumer operations, regardless if the big corporations move in on the territory. Similarly, there are those who seek/prefer to get fruit and vegetable directly from a farmer or farmer’s market, rather that the one of the big supermarkets, Regardless, it will be interesting to watch the developments.

  7. jhoe

    That is the risk,that by making raw milk sales legal,it would force small farmers out of business. Government would likely make them buy quota or just allow the wons with it to take this new market.Icannot see them allowing us to buy direct from the farmer as we do now!All we can hope for is that the cow sharing program prevails.If not,we will have to continue to support the farmers that supply us to-day !

    • Winifred

      You mean cow share programs as falling under the law of contracts i.e. private contracts,or cow share programs set up otherwise?

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